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The Pharaoh Treasure

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General Morden instructs Beatriz and Allen Jr. to find the Arabian Tears. The two arrive at the desert and they find the ruins after some arguing. A young girl opens the door and the two follow her. While navigating the ruins, they run into two Mummy Cats who are startled by Allen Jr. due to him being male. They are defeated and Allen Jr. finds a skeleton, with Beatriz presuming that it's Scotia's father. She guesses wrong as its a Mummy Warrior in disguise. After defeating the Mummy Warrior, Beatriz finds both Scotia and Allen Jr. have fallen asleep.

Beatriz later encounters the Pharaoh and demands the Arabian Tear. She is angered by the Mummy Cat's behavior and prepares to make the Pharaoh and his servants be obedient to her and battles them. She defeats the Pharaoh, who is impressed with her heart and allows her to take the tear before falling into slumber. Beatriz also drags Allen Jr. and Scotia back to the surface, where she rants about Allen Jr.'s uselessness. She is also surprised to why Scotia is on the boat at which Allen Jr. reveals he let her on the boat. They drop Scotia off at the next set of ruins before returning to base.

Secret Ending

Morden thanks Abigail for her sister bringing back the jewel and tells her that a client wants it. He asks her to oversee the negotiations.

Guilty Child

From "The Pharaoh Treasure", Abigail requests to oversee the negotiations alone. Morden allows her to do so, and before she leaves, Allen O'Neil arrives. Abigail is disturbed by his lack of respect and leaves the room. Morden tells Allen that Abigail will be taking care of the meeting, to which Allen says he won't have to go as a result. Morden tells Allen that he should still go, since he does not want her to be too aggressive towards the Amadeus Syndicate. Allen complies and goes with Abigail.

As Abigail makes her way to meet the client, she gets a report from her soldiers. They tell her that 10 Amadeus robots are headed their way, so she tells the soldiers to prepare for a battle if needed. She then turns her attention to Allen, asking him what he is doing here. Allen tells her that Morden sent him along. When the Amadeus robots arrive, they start attacking the rebel officers. Abigail orders the infantry to fire on them.

After the failed ambush, Abigail believes the Amadeus Syndicate has betrayed them. Allen points out that if they were going to kill them, they would have sent larger forces. Abigail believes that this is why Allen will never be promoted, though Allen states that he likes to fight alongside his soldiers. The two decide to go to Amadeus headquarters to find out the true cause behind the transgression.

At Amadeus headquarters, an unknown AI talks with an Amadeus robot. She agrees with the robot's logic that they have no free will, and partially reveals the cause of her creation. Out in the field, Abigail is informed that more anti-regular forces are headed their way, and concludes that it is betrayal. Mecha Allens arrive to cause more havoc for them, which enrages Allen since they are imposters of him. Abigail fires on Allen intentionally, causing him to yell at her. Allen battles the Mecha Allens alone.

Allen destroys all the Mecha Allens, though he forgets to leave one more. This Mecha Allen gets possessed by the unknown AI, who taunts them. Assuming that it is just a simple voice modifier, the rebel officers continue to Amadeus headquarters.

As they arrive, a soldier informs her that more anti-regular forces are in their way, which Abigail now recognizes as a full betrayal. They encounter Morden Robots. She destroys the Morden Robots as they belittle Donald Morden; Allen offers to help but she declines it. As with the last encounter, the unknown AI possesses one of the Morden Robots and self-destructs it. Allen shoves her out of the way and takes the hit. She is surprised but tells Allen that she owes him one for this. Allen tells her that he will tell Morden what happened, to which Abigail smirks and gives him a hearty slap on the back.

They later encounter several Amadeus soldiers. Abigail proceeds to punish them for their betrayal, confusing the soldiers. Allen defends the Amadeus Syndicate, telling her that they should punish them accordingly after hearing them out. The soldiers take them to their leader, who greets the officers. The two tell Amadeus of the recent events; when Allen mentions a little girl's voice, Amadeus stops. The unknown AI appears and pleased with how fun the rebel officers are, wants to keep battling them despite Amadeus' protests. She forcibly grabs Amadeus and places him in the Mother Computer, resulting in another fight.

After the battle, White Baby leaves, promising to get better "toys" to fight the officers. Amadeus tries to stop her but is unable to, and tells the rebel officers about White Baby. Abigail vows to destroy White Baby it is a threat to Morden's plans. Amadeus silently agrees, which Allen interprets as a parent being concerned for their child.

Secret Ending

Morden praises Allen for his work, confusing Allen. He informs him that Abigail told him that while Allen is a moron, he makes a good shield, which Allen interprets as praise. Abigail comes in for their meeting and immediately starts disciplining Allen for his improper attitude towards the General. She also tells him that she saw his son and is ashamed that he takes to him, prompting Allen to threaten her, while Morden sighs at them.


Following the events of "Utopia", the Amadeus Syndicate come across the remains of the Sol Dae Rokker and prepare to fuse it. A small backstory begins where Amadeus himself came to the islands, eventually finding it, but without its sun stone (the Mars People Elite had destroyed it). With the fusion complete, Amadeus plans to use it to take over the world. Anima goes wild, panicking the researchers, but Amadeus tells them to stay still, as the artifact hasn't taken hold yet. He is then informed that someone has breached the Cyber Wall, who is none other than White Baby. White Baby disappears with Amadeus and Anima. Inside, White Baby touches Anima and is overwhelmed.

At the rebel base, Navy is informed of Anima and sets out to destroy it to prove she is stronger than the Professor. At the ruins, White Baby attempts to mentally overwhelm Navy, but Vita deploys Sanctuary and protects her. Brainwashed Amadeus researchers then attack the group. After the battle, White Baby goads them to hurry up, which Navy interprets as a personality modifier, though Vita distinguishes it as real emotions.

Inside the ruins, Amadeus is silent. White Baby tells him that she has Anima under control and asks him to make requests to destroy humanity. He refuses, as he states that he didn't make her to destroy humanity. White Baby points out that she was made strong to control the weak, though Amadeus states that there are others stronger than her, much to her amusement. At the forest, White Baby sends out another mental attack, which Vita blocks. Vita detects several Amadeus robots ahead and prepares to fight them, but Navy takes over and battles them.

During the battle, Navy notes that the robots are regenerating. Vita notes that they usually don't have a repair function. Navy tells her that Anima focuses on destruction and regeneration, and deduces that White Baby overwritten them with a program. Vita decides to run past the robots, to which Navy agrees.

Several years before the current events, several researchers discuss about Navy and the creation of Vita. Elsewhere in the lab, Vita is depressed. The Professor tells Navy that Vita needs a personality program to override her depression. Navy refuses, as Vita is alive, so there is no need for a personality program. The Professor points out that she has no pain or fear, and that the majority of her body is mechanized. Navy argues back, stating that as long as Vita has consciousness, she is living. The Professor states that Vita believes she is dead and that what is happening now is fake. The Professor tells Navy that she has one month to apply a personality program on Vita, or he will do it himself.

Navy speaks with Vita. Vita expresses her depression, unsure to why she was selected and that vengeance can never be achieved as her friends and their killers are long gone. Navy is surprised with her progress and tells her that she will be her friend, because the cyborg is her masterpiece. Sometime later, a researcher mocks Navy and her masterpiece, prompting her to threaten the researcher. Later on, the lab is raided by an unknown person. The same researcher tells Navy to run, though she refuses as she hasn't completed her adjustments. The attacker arrives and Vita prepares to sacrifice herself for Navy, as she just wants to die. Navy refuses to let her go and battles the raider alone. This moves Vita, and after repelling the raider, she states that while she has no reason to live, she thinks it is best to accompany her.

The two groups finally meet. Navy and Amadeus hurl insults at each other while White Baby asks Vita why she is with a human. Vita tells her that humans are stronger than she thinks, though White Baby refuses to believe that and they battle. White Baby analyzes Vita's background and is surprised about her past. She refuses to listen to reason and runs off.

In the ruins, Anima breaks free of White Baby's control and runs rampant again. Navy challenges Anima to a battle with Vita as her support. They eventually destroy Anima. Amadeus notes that it will take thousands of years to recover Anima. Navy proclaims herself to be the best, but Amadeus points out that the Professor wasn't just skilled in battle; he was also unrivaled in technology. Navy is annoyed and argues with Amadeus while Vita looks on.

Secret Ending

Back at the rebel base, Beatriz is exhausted from looking after Allen Jr. She asks Navy to give her an energy booster. Navy asks Beatriz if she wants one to keep her up for 72 hours, or one to make her look like Allen for the same time. Beatriz refuses either and notices the energy booster she wants, but Navy tells her that it has poison in it. Beatriz yells at Navy and tells her to stop being careless. Navy returns to experimenting.

Sometime later, Allen Jr. comes in for an energy booster. Vita appears and tells him that Navy is not here. Allen Jr. is slightly annoyed but asks Vita to bring him his energy booster. She takes one and shows it to him, and he refuses it as it has a skull mark. Vita grabs another container. Allen Jr. notes that the color is right but is suspicious of it. Vita takes it back from Allen Jr. and drinks the contents.

Finally, Abigail learns that Navy is unable to deploy Vita for battle. Navy states that it is their fault for causing Vita to get bedridden. When she arrived back in her room, she found their medicine scattered and Vita unconscious from trying them.

False Peace

Huracan narrates her story about how she came to join the Rebel Army. She remarks on how the battle wasn't even one to begin with, and that their tower devoted to the guardians was razed to the ground. A strange mass of iron appeared from its wreckage, and out came a young woman with pink hair. She remarked on how the woman was around her age. The chieftain attempted to attack her, but was struck instantly by a laser drone.

The woman is revealed to be Abigail. Huracan shields the chieftain, before Abigail addresses her. Abigail tells her that the Rebel Army will leave the village alone if they unconditionally surrender, and that she comes with them. The village is unsure of her leaving, but she goes nonetheless.

Arriving at a Rebel base, Allen looks at their new recruit. Abigail tells Huracan that Allen Platoon sees more combat, and as a result, more injuries than any other group in the army. Huracan states that she doesn't mind, and Allen already takes a liking to her. Both officers wonder where Destrade is, when she comes in and steps on Abigail's foot. Destrade examines Huracan, and believes that she is unfit for the platoon, so they fight. After sparring with each other, Destrade has newfound respect for Huracan and she takes her around for a tour of the facilities.

Elsewhere, Navy and a researcher lose a mutant subject as it does not have the desired traits. Navy then remembers about the Huge Hermit and asks the researcher to inform Abigail immediately.

Huracan reminisces over the past again. Several villagers talk about another village that had been attacked by a vile beast. Huracan asks her father to tackle the beast, but he refuses, as it is the guardian of the forest, and that it provides balance. Sometime later, a young boy is killed by the beast, and Huracan goes off to find it to avenge his death. The beast is revealed to be a bear, and Huracan kills it.

The next month, the villagers talk about how a pack of wolves came to the forest and attacked another village, with the very few survivors making their way to their village. Her father tells her that the bear was protecting the balance of the forest, and that no other predators came near human settlements as long as it was around. He tells her that not all problems can be solved with strength.

Back in the present day, Allen Platoon is deployed to the island where the Huge Hermit is. They are attacked by Huge Locusts, Mini Hermits, Chowmein and Ohumein-Congas. Huracan watches as Allen O'Neil becomes enraged, taking on everything without regard to his own safety. With all the mutants dead, Allen reverts back to normal, stating that he gets exhausted after battling enraged. Destrade laments how her killing abilities were not enough for Allen. The two remark about how the mutants have an unexpected level of coordination, and that there are rumors of a tribe on the island capable of controlling them. The platoon moves on towards the Huge Hermit.

Allen Platoon continues its way deeper into the forest, fending off increasing mutant attacks. Allen inspects a soldier and orders him to return to the transport unit. The soldier refuses, not wanting to show weakness. Allen reminds him that strength is a factor in the platoon, and dying is completely unacceptable, so the soldier leaves. Huracan and Destrade watch from afar. After three hours of fighting and navigating, they reach a large clearing. A mysterious woman appears before them, and asks them to leave. The officers tell her they will leave if she comes along with the Huge Hermit. The woman refuses, obviously seeing through their lies and notices that Huracan is different from them, before asking her why she is with them. Huracan tells her that she joined to protect her village, something which the woman finds amusing. In anger, Huracan fires several shots at the woman, but they are blocked by the Huge Hermit.

After subduing the Huge Hermit, the woman calls for a large group of Huge Locusts. Allen orders a retreat. Huracan wonders where the woman went, but is unable to find her. She also retreats after being bit in the arm by a Huge Locust. Out at sea, Destrade asks Huracan why she joined the army, before asking Allen the same thing. Allen states that it's Huracan's decision to tell her if she wants to.

Secret Ending

The Huge Hermit is contained in a large cell, where it tries to break free. Researchers are concerned about it escaping and ask Navy to sedate it, but she refuses, as she wants to test something on it while it is awake. The Huge Hermit strikes the wall for a force of 14865. Navy tells Huracan that the average soldier of the army has a power of 50, and a grizzly bear has a power of 2805. She claims that mutants will strengthen the shortcomings of humanity. The Huge Hermit bangs on the wall again, so Navy has Destrade go in to put a stronger protector shield around it. While Destrade does so, the Huge Hermit attempts to use the opening to attack Destrade. Destrade catches the claw and slams the Huge Hermit onto the wall. Huracan asks Navy if Destrade is a mutant, as the device measured her power as 22176.

Destrade is shocked by the accusation and runs out of the room, before everyone looks at Huracan. Navy tells her that Destrade is 100% human. Huracan states that mutants haven't surpassed humans yet. Navy says nothing, before Vita states that Navy clearly made a bad choice. After the incident, Allen receives a report, while Destrade secludes herself in one of the rooms in the research wing, waiting for him.

Arabian Romance

Allen Jr. pokes into Abigail's room to wonder where she went, before being yelled at by Beatriz. Beatriz is somewhat unstable due to the events in "We are Mars People Rangers" and hopes that she will get better. She takes up her tasks, which also include paper signing and hastily approves a paper for Abul, not wanting to tire her sister when she recovers.

Abul gets the papers and is surprised that Abigail's signature is not on it, but proceeds anyways while Shizuka advises him not to. Aisha comes in and asks to be taken on the mission, and Shizuka shows him that she is not ready because she is distracted by him. Abul reluctantly states that she will not come with them, causing Aisha to become heartbroken - she runs off to a tavern she used to work at and instigates a fight after getting drunk.

Aisha soon blacks out and finds herself in the ancient ruins, having taken on the appearance of a Lovely Mummy. Another Lovely Mummy notices that she is awake and drags her off to Cleopatra.

Aisha is brought before Cleopatra, who dismisses the other servant. Cleopatra tells her that as long as she does not bring harm to the ruins, she will leave her alone, and asks for her name. Aisha tells her, and in her thoughts is surprised that Cleopatra is still alive. Cleopatra notices that Aisha's spirit is worn out, comparing it to the soul of a servant she had lost a long time ago. She asks her what is the issue, and Aisha only responds with "Abul". Cleopatra assumes that Abul is her husband, which she quickly denies, then assumes that Abul was her lover, which she also denies. When Cleopatra learns that Aisha is troubled because of the ninja woman by his side, she laughs in relief since her servant's issue was far worse. Cleopatra offers to help Aisha with her troubles, which she accepts.

The three head out to the Pharaoh, where two Mummy Cats block the way. The servants battle the Mummy Cats, and Aisha shows her dancing skills to Cleopatra, who tells her that it can be a way to relieve her worries. They defeat the Mummy Cats, who ask why Cleopatra is betraying them. Cleopatra coldly responds that when the king loses their dignity, his servants must remind him of his position by force if necessary. The two Mummy Cats, with their minds unstable, turn green and leave the area, showing Aisha that even mummies can be blinded by love. Knowing that the Pharaoh is stirring, they continue along their way to him.

Aisha has a flashback with her parents, where they tell her that the palace is offering her a job because of her skills. Aisha reveals her nationalistic pride, causing her parents to lock her up in her room for having such "fantasies". Aisha soon encounters Abul and Shizuka and tells the Arabian leader that she wishes to join them. Shizuka is initially skeptical, believing Aisha to be a hired assassin. Abul is impressed with her dancing skills, but doesn't accept her as he assumes she has no combat skills. Aisha surprises Abul with her speed and states that she is prepared to kill herself if he does not accept her. Shizuka verifies her intentions and Abul accepts her.

Continuing along the way in the ruins, they encounter a Mummy Warrior. The Mummy Warrior only growls, but Cleopatra understands that she has torn his decisions and accepts whatever decision he makes. The Mummy Warrior growls again, affirming his loyalty to the Pharaoh and that he will defend him against his enemies. Cleopatra accepts the Mummy Warrior's judgement, so Aisha and the servant battle and defeat him.

Aisha asks Cleopatra what they are doing. Cleopatra tells her that when the mummies sleep, there is no guarantee that they will be the same as they were before. Cleopatra and the Pharaoh were to wake and sleep together, which was not possible because he had been forced into an early slumber (by Beatriz in "The Pharaoh's Treasure). His servants decided to collect energy to hasten his awakening, but soon learned that he needed the time to properly awaken too. Cleopatra tells Aisha that she could blindly charge into love, but sorrow and regret await the living.

They finally arrive at the Pharaoh's chambers, where the transformed Mummy Cats inform the Pharaoh of the intruders. The Pharaoh asks Cleopatra what her intentions are, and she offers him counsel. The Pharaoh fires a large curse ball at her, singing some of Cleopatra's hair but she does not react to it. The Pharaoh proclaims that he is the true king and that he needs no counsel, preparing to surface and take the land which is rightfully his. Cleopatra and her servants battle the crazed Pharaoh and his servants, defeating them.

The Pharaoh calms down and calls Cleopatra over, commenting on how they haven't seen each other in the past 500 years, and the two sleep, promising to spoil their servants to make up for their loneliness once they wake up. Lovely Mummy tries to wake up Cleopatra, to no avail. The Mummy Cats stop her, having learned their lesson. Aisha looks on in sorrow as she watches the couple sleep, returning to her own body in the process.

Aisha wakes up back in the town, where Abul notices that she is awake. Shizuka tells her that after getting drunk, she sleepwalked all over the town with her eyes open, oblivious to everything around her. Abul tells her that he should have explained herself better, as she wasn't a burden, which Aisha understands, surprising him. She then thanks Shizuka for bringing her back, which also surprises her. Shizuka advises Abul to stick to the plan before Aisha changes her mind, and Abul is delighted how Aisha has grown up as they leave.

Secret Ending

In the desert, Aisha and Shizuka spar with each other; the inexperienced Aisha is easily overwhelmed by Shizuka's attacks, who tells her that she needs to react to all situations immediately, as she only reacts to them when she sees it. Shizuka is impressed that Aisha is willing to learn from her despite their hatred, just as Abul comes in and calls for her. Abul tells Shizuka that the Rebel Army has given them new orders, something which Shizuka believes is fake but eventually agrees to when Abul points out that they will get more funding and a research facility.

Aisha looks at the two and remembers Cleopatra's advice, but finds herself unable to and steps between the two, telling Shizuka to stay away from her Abul. This prompts the kunoichi to laugh, while Abul wonders when the two started getting along well.

Subjugation Tactics

The story itself is the reimagining of the Extra Ops titled 'Code of Conduct'.

Following the events of "We Are Mars People Rangers", Abigail has yet to return to her normal duties and thus her sister Beatriz continues to take over for her. Beatriz learns of increased Ptolemaic activity and contemplates sending Abul to deal with them. A bodyguard informs her that she has additional documents to sign; Vicky comes in and states that she would like to be in Beatriz's spot. Beatriz tells her that only she is allowed to be close to Abigail, but allows her to sign the documents. The bodyguard warns Beatriz that there will be consequences if others learn of the forged signatures.

Vicky then remembers Dion and wonders if he is allowed to perform his duties unchecked since Abigail has yet to report back. Beatriz wonders if Dion is preventing Abigail from returning, but finds it hard to believe that he would try to betray Abigail despite all the rumors circulating around.

Elsewhere, Dion listens in on a transmission with a mysterious person giving him orders. Beatriz comes in and asks Dion if that was Abigail, who states that he knows nothing. Beatriz warns him that she will never forgive him if something happens to her.

At sea, Abigail is escorted by a pilot and informs them to drop her off here. The pilot is surprised by her orders when Dion calls and informs her that the jamming devices will be placed at D-36, though he is unsure if they will block the Martians' telepathy and that they last for three minutes. Abigail commands the troops present and they take out the sentries.

After disposing of the sentries, Abigail dismisses her entry team while Dion activates the jamming devices, which spread throughout the whole base. The Professor has also completed the Mars Gigantalos, with Marty as his witness. In another section of the base, Percier is sewing the Gemini Twins' clothes when Ariadna comes in, surprised by her motherly traits. She states that she sees her as a kid, but her vibe has changed since joining the Martians, while Percier comments on her appearance, though Ariadna mistakes it for seeing the Martians so relaxed. Percier snaps her thread just an alarm goes off. She cannot open the door and asks Ariadna what is going on; she replies that it is likely a malfunction, though she wonders if someone is attempting an attack.

Sometime in the past after creating Clone Abby, the Professor calls Ariadna over and asks her if she is fine with him taking out her student. Ariadna corrects his statement and warns him not to underestimate Abigail. The Professor believes that Clone Abby is superior, as he used her base and improved all of its functions. Ariadna tells him about Abigail's beginnings as a cadet in the Rebel Army; even though there were others superior than her in combat or intelligence, she never failed a mission and would always find a way to complete it, and high command unanimously decided that she would be the one by Morden's side.

Back in the present, Clone Betty detects a jamming device. Marty believes that the enemy is planning an attack and asks Clone Betty if the Professor is alone, to which it calculates a 75% chance that the Martian Rangers are with him. Marty sends Clone Betty to the Professor while he goes to stop the jamming device. Marty soon encounters Dion and the two fight; both are evenly matched but he manages to destroy the device. However, he notes that Dion is still calm before a Martian informs him that there is an intruder in base; Marty cannot return as he is fighting Dion.

Another flashback occurs where Abigail is newly appointed as an officer. She demands to see the Professor, who is surprised by their visitor before learning that she is his superior and orders an assistant to give her a lab coat. After finishing their work, Abigail looks over the Gigantalos plans and tells the Professor that he shouldn't be working on unauthorized weapons, as others might try to take advantage of his position. The Professor states that he doesn't care about it, but Abigail wants someone who can actually work and not think about their career, warning him that if he values his life, he should not defect. The Professor states that he doesn't care about the state of the planet, expressing his desire to go out to space and continue researching.

At the Martian base, the Professor finishes developing new technology, much to the amazement of Attacker and Healer. Tank is unable to communicate with the Martians outside and wonders if they are sleeping, just as a light envelops the place. Abigail enters and attacks the Professor, asking if he is surprised that she is still here and alive. The Martian Rangers mobilize to protect the Professor.

The Professor thought that Abigail was killed by Clone Abby. Abigail admits that Clone Abby is better than her, but points out that he overlooked her ability to quickly make decisions. Healer informs the Professor of his falling vital signs, though the Professor knows that he has more clones on hand to use. He calls for Clone Betty, who takes him away and executes plan "Z".

Outside, Dion contacts Abigail and informs her that Marty will arrive at the base in 10 minutes, prompting her to state that she can finish it in 5 before clutching one of her wounds. Dion is concerned for her safety and offers to start the attack, but she declines, as she won't have another chance if the Professor escapes to Mars. Abigail orders him to not do anything uncalled for and to start up the extraction helicopter.

In another flashback, White asks Black what a soul is. Black believes White has gone crazy from Percier's cooking, but White is serious on knowing what it is. Black tells them that it is a "human fantasy" and behavior of living things as the Professor taught them. White continues to wonder, as Black thanked Percier for healing White's injury during an attack on a Rebel supply line. White feels something in their chest due to their differences to Percier and the other Martians; Black states that he dislikes humans in general, but they can ask the Professor and Percier if they want to know more.

The Professor has kept a reserve clone in the event of injury; however, it has not matured enough, so a brain transfer is too dangerous. Abigail confronts them, and Clone Betty rushes to defend its creator. Despite manning an ice version of the Mars Mecha, Clone Betty is unable to protect its master. Abigail states that she knows better when it comes to knowing Beatriz and fighting. By the time Marty, Percier and the Gemini Twins arrive, it is too late.

At the Rebel base, Morden personally congratulates Abigail for defeating the Professor. He finds it a shame that his knowledge has gone to waste, but he had been a thorn in their plans too long. With the threat of the Martians out of the way, he focuses his attention on the Invaders. Abigail assures Morden that Beatriz is collecting powerful artefacts from around the world, and swears to him that she will take out any significant threat to their goals.

Secret Ending

Beatriz eventually learns that Abigail is doing well and wants to see her; however, she is in the ocean with the Blaze Brigade. Grazia, who was assigned a mission by Abigail, tells her that she should get some self-awareness. Loretta tells Beatriz that Grazia means that she wants to maintain a close relationship with both her and Abigail. This prompts the two officers to start fighting, while Norah looks on, unsure of who to support. Loretta tells her that despite their fighting, they are communicating well with each other. Norah then asks Loretta why they are heading to a rather empty area; Loretta replies that they will construct a base there.

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