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Wayld02 Wayld02 18 February 2019

レーマン's Archives

Here, I usually post some archives of what I have accorded for safekeeping purposes. Archived stuff ranges from Extra Ops stuff to stats.

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TheProjectXZoneFan1997 TheProjectXZoneFan1997 4 May 2018

Units that need a balance

Some of those units have a huge amount of HP at the point of become almost invincible like Iron Fortress for example, these units are the ones who need to reduce its HP.

Similar to the balance given to Doctor(Brave Guerrier), these units will not have a huge amount of attack.

Similar to Morden and Nadia(Monkey)'s balance, these units can attack the enemy units but it's base is not gonna be damaged.

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TheProjectXZoneFan1997 TheProjectXZoneFan1997 25 April 2018

Metal Slug 8 (My Version)

I'm just making this for fun, if you want you can do your versions too, anyway, here we go.

  • 1 Soldier Select
  • 2 Enemies
    • 2.1 Mission 1
    • 2.2 Mission 2
    • 2.3 Mission 3
    • 2.4 Mission 4
    • 2.5 Mission 5
    • 2.6 Mission 6
    • 2.7 Mission 7
    • 2.8 Mission 8
    • 2.9 Final Mission

  • Phantom Soldier Infantry
  • Phantom Soldier Bazooka
  • Phantom Soldier Shielded
  • Phantom Soldier Minelayer
  • Phantom Soldier Rifleman
  • Phantom Soldier Paratrooper
  • Phantom Soldier Biker
  • Phantom Soldier Gatling
  • Phantom Soldier Rocket Bomb
  • Phantom Soldier Mortar
  • Phantom Soldier Rocket Diver
  • Phantom Soldier Horse Rider
  • Rebel Mecha-Bull

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Alcantha Alcantha 10 April 2018

Unit Stat Calculator


The Unit Stat Calculator allows you to view the stat of unit by giving these different values:

  • Level (1 ~ 50)
  • Tier (Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum)
  • Items (up to 24 items to equip)
  • Skills (1 ~ 50)

How to use it?

You cannot use the spreadsheet directly so you must make a copy, for that go to "File" and select "Make a copy...".


Change Log:

  • Version 2.0.0 - MSA v3.3.0 (18/04/10)
    • Add missing units up to Fist Invasion EO.
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TheProjectXZoneFan1997 TheProjectXZoneFan1997 1 April 2018

Does anyone have more character voice audio?

Because i'm searching for voices like Abigail and Rita's but i can't find them even in YouTube and some people would need them for MSA-related projects or use them as sound effets, if you can submit them i'll be thankful; thanks.

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