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Metal Slug Attack (Japanese: メタルスラッグアタック - Metaru Suraggu Atakku), also known as MSA, is a tower defense game created by SNK Playmore for iOS and Android mobile devices. It was originally announced by SNK Playmore in November 2015, and then officially released for Android and iOS on 14 February 2016[1][2]. The game itself is a sequel to Metal Slug Defense, featuring numerous improvements and brand new game modes, and is available for free download via the Google Play and iOS App Stores.

Servers follow Japanese Standard Time (GMT+9).


Much like its predecessor, at the core of this game is the 2D (side-scrolling, given the main series' style) 1-on-1 sub-genre of tower defense/strategy, with 2 bases on either side of the level where units are spawned. The main objective of the game is to destroy the opposing base by any means.

Once the game begins, forces start accruing Action Points (or AP for short), which are used to produce units that automatically advance toward the enemy's base. They can either execute attacks, or construct objects that impede the opponent, support allies, or produce additional units at no cost. Paying Rumi Aikawa a certain amount of AP will improve the rate at which AP build up, as well as the maximum AP that can be stored a time. Additionally, destroying enemy units grants a small amount of AP.

Most units have both a standard attack (melee and/or ranged) and a special attack. When the unit is within range of an enemy, it will begin its standard attack. After a predetermined length of time, the special attack will become available, indicated by a light blue "aura" surrounding the unit, that is activated by tapping. After finishing the special attack, the unit will continue with its standard attack until the special attack is charged again. For an extra edge in battle the player can purchase Power-Ups.

Metal Slug Attack goes farther at allowing players to improve their units' effectiveness.

Main Menu

Game Modes

  • Attack! is the primary single player game mode, similar to MSD's Sortie.
  • Special Ops is a timed cooperative challenge consisting of 3 stages.
  • Battle (unlocked at Level 3) is a competitive asynchronous multiplayer mode in which players attack each other and NPCs in pursuit of higher ranks and Battle Medals.
  • Combat School (unlocked at Level 4) is similar to MSD's Mission game mode, sans predetermined unit decks. Missions differ each day of the week.
  • P.O.W. Rescue (unlocked at Level 5) is a timed mode in which the player is tasked with completing a series of stages of progressively increasing difficulty.
  • Guild Raid (unlocked at Level 8) is a cooperative game mode in which players attack difficult targets spread across several stages.
  • Online (unlocked at Level 10) is the equivalent of MSD's Wi-Fi VS, and is the first real-time PVP mode available.
  • Rank Match (unlocked at Level 10), a much more competitive version of the Online mode which now includes ranking system that changes every month.
  • Team Battle (unlocked at Level 20) is a competitive asynchronous multiplayer mode, similar to Battle but having to fight 3 different decks and requiring beating 2 out of 3 battles to win.
  • Extra Ops is a limited time mode where various side stories from the Metal Slug lore appears as special events (complete with intro movies, and sometimes endings). Each event offers new units for a limited time, alongside other awards such as Medals and MSP.
  • Another Story, added in the 2.0.0 update, allows players to check out more MSA lore by playing through story chapters based around the various factions. Certain previous Extra Ops units are available to unlock, along with new units exclusive to the game mode.
  • Ultimate Mission (unlocked at Level 25), added in update 5.0.0, allows players to battle (and unlock) the penultimate Ultimate Boss units. Only single-faction decks may be used, with the current faction cycling every twelve hours. There are two chances to fight per cycle.

Economy Related Features

  • Build Up is the equivalent of MSDs Customise menu.
  • Mystery Crank is a gacha station.
  • Daily Login gives rewards each day for logging in.
  • Daily quests give Medals, MSP, and EXP rewards for activity.
  • VIP is a premium-oriented feature which gives exclusive player perks.
  • Quest rewards (primarily Medals) are given for reaching milestones.
  • Mailbox is where automatic event rewards are stored until a player collects them.
  • Shop (unlocked at Level 4) is always available, offering common units and items.
  • Extra Shop and Rare Shop (unlocked at Level 3) occasionally open while playing the Attack! mode.
  • Treasure Hunt (unlocked at Level 9) grants bonus Sortie Points over time.
  • Mars Shop (unlocked at Level 15), added in the 1.8.0 update, where excess unit parts can be traded.
  • Dress Up (unlocked at Level 20), added by update 2.7.0, is an additional shop where you can purchase cosmetic avatar icons, custom bases, and custom BGMs (primarily for Medals, although some free options are on offer).
  • Dream Lottery, first seen in update 4.0.0, occasionally offers additional chances of prizes based on in-game activity.

Social Features

  • User Profile shows game stats and settings.
  • Guild (unlocked at Level 8), the main social-based system of the game.
  • Message is the primary means to communicate globally, with one's Guild, or with via direct PMs. It also notifies players of Attack! events and guild-based Special Ops requests.
  • Event is where the developers post announcements.
  • Ranking (unlocked at Level 10) shows the online rankings, Rank Match rankings, etc.

Differences from Metal Slug Defense

Although it follows the same basic mechanics as Metal Slug Defense, in Metal Slug Attack certain game play elements have either been reworked, added, or removed.


  • Multiple game modes with different rules, to the point that a busy person may find that there is too much to do.
  • Units can be upgraded in various ways - from flat stat increase to learning special attacks and effects.
  • Additional charged command abilities are available - aside from the charging self-destructing SV-001 there are Recovery and Reload powers to heal units and instantly charge special attacks respectively.
  • AUTO mode in combat is always available and does not block manual production [added in 1.2.0].
  • Introduction of the Guild system and means to communicate with other players.
  • Daily Login contributes to one's VIP EXP.
  • A Beginner Support Campaign is being held for new players, offering free perks exclusive to new players only.


  • By requiring constant internet access, the game prevents offline exploits, but adds loading times for many menu actions.
  • Although more Units are available without using the premium Medals currency, the process of upgrading them is significantly prolonged and often depends heavily on chance.


  • Event-exclusive units such as Extra Ops bosses cannot be obtained after the event until it is added in the Another Story.
  • Some limited-time premium units exclusive to the game's Mystery Crank can only be obtained by chance, as opposed to the predecessor's Shop.
  • Searching opponents in Online by similar deck AP value is no longer possible.


MS 20th Anniversary (Big).png
  • Metal Slug Attack was released as the official game for the series' 20th anniversary.[1]
  • Much like its predecessor, Metal Slug Defense, this game recycles assets (e.g. graphics, sounds, and music) from other games in the series. Some of game mechanics are an improvement upon concepts from Metal Slug Defense and Metal Slug Wars.

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