Metal Slug Attack Wiki

Metal Slug Attack makes use of the majority of songs played during prior games in the series, while also introducing a large number of new tracks.

Official Soundtrack

Album artwork

In 2018, the game's soundtrack was released through a variety of online music distribution services:

Apple Music - iTunes - KKBox - Spotify - Youtube Music

Note that some newer soundtracks such as "Task Force" and "Temptation" were excluded in the album.

No Title Duration
1 Main Theme from Metal Slug Attack [Title] 2:48
2 Preparation [Main Menu] 3:09
3 To the Front [”ATTACK!” Mode / WORLD MAP] 2:32
4 Rescue [”P.O.W. RESCUE” Mode] 2:13
5 Another Story [”ANOTHER STORY” Mode] 2:42
6 Tactical Situation [”BATTLE” ”TEAM BATTLE” ”ONLINE” Mode] 2:17
7 Power [”RANK MATCH” Mode] 3:12
8 Militancy [GUILD OPS / ”Snatch Wars” Theme] 3:36
9 United Front [EXTRA OPS / ”United Front” Theme] 4:02
10 Together [GUILD OPS / ”Try Line” Theme] 4:58
11 Regular Army Base [Story 1] 2:38
12 Tension [Story 2] 3:04
13 Rebel Army Base [Story 3] 2:38
14 Invasion [Rebel Army Story Battle] 2:54
15 Recollect [Story 4] 1:27
16 Calm [Story 5] 2:24
17 Ptolemaic Army Base [Story 6] 2:12
18 Run Through -MSA Ver.- [Ptolemaic Army Story Battle] 2:20
19 Never Despair [Story 7] 3:13
20 Omen [Story 8] 1:59
21 Space Army Base [Story 9] 2:33
22 Welcome to our Planet [Space Army Story Battle 1] 2:27
23 A Song Learned from the Earthlings [Story 10] 1:25
24 Mars March [Story 11] 2:10
25 Mixed Space [Space Army Story Battle 2] 3:34
26 Feel [Story 12] 2:22
27 You Know What? [Story 13] 2:56
28 Artificial Innocence [Story 14] 3:07
29 Thought [Story 15] 3:08
30 Each [Story 16] 2:20
31 As One Pleases [Story 17] 2:37
32 Ties [Story 18] 2:14
33 Wild Land [Independent Army Story Battle 1] 2:46
34 Reign [Story 19] 3:01
35 Fated Enemy [Story 20] 2:36
36 Cross Over [Independent Army Story Battle 2] 3:27
37 To Tomorrow [Story 21] 1:36
38 Nonsense [Story 22] 1:34
39 Vacation [Story 23] 1:50
40 The Night [Story 24] 2:31
41 For You -Xmas Ver.- [Story 25] 1:57

In-Game Soundtrack

The majority of the game's audio can be selected to take over that of either the main menu, or online battles. Songs must first be obtained through the Dress Up shop, typically for a price of 200 MSA currency Medal compressed.png Medals each.

Game Title Filename Comments
Metal Slug 1 Assault Theme bgm_b_14_1.msa
Metal Slug 1 End Title bgm_ms1_ed1p.msa
Metal Slug 1 Gerhardt City bgm_b_6_1.msa
Metal Slug 1 Hold You Still! (Instrumental Ver.) bgm_ms1_ed2p.msa
Metal Slug 1 Inner Station bgm_b_16_1.msa
Metal Slug 1 Main Theme bgm_b_1_1.msa
Metal Slug 1 Ridge 256 bgm_b_4_1.msa
Metal Slug 1 Steel Beast 5Beats bgm_b_1_4.msa
Metal Slug 1 The Military System bgm_ms1_tms.msa
Metal Slug 2 Back to the China bgm_b_2_1.msa
Metal Slug 2 Judgment bgm_b_13_1.msa
Metal Slug 2 Kiss in the Dark bgm_b_7_2.msa
Metal Slug 2 Livin' on the Deck bgm_b_11_1.msa
Metal Slug 2 Metamorphosis bgm_ms2_st5_3.msa
Metal Slug 2 New Godokin Street bgm_b_7_1.msa
Metal Slug 2 Prehistoric Site bgm_b_3_1.msa
Metal Slug 2 Steel Beast 6Beats bgm_ms2_boss.msa
Metal Slug 2 The Cenotaph bgm_b_3_3.msa
Metal Slug 3 Assault Theme bgm_ms3_assault.msa
Metal Slug 3 Barracks bgm_ms3_select.msa
Metal Slug 3 Bioinformatics bgm_b_15_4.msa
Metal Slug 3 Blue Water Fangs (The Island of Dr. Moreau) bgm_b_5_1.msa
Metal Slug 3 Desert bgm_b_8_1.msa
Metal Slug 3 Devil's Snow Cave bgm_b_9_3.msa
Metal Slug 3 Escape bgm_b_15_5.msa
Metal Slug 3 Final Attack bgm_final_attack.msa
Metal Slug 3 First Contact bgm_b_12_3.msa
Metal Slug 3 Hard Water bgm_ms3_sea3.msa
Metal Slug 3 Into the Cosmos bgm_ms3_cosmos.msa
Metal Slug 3 Into the Sky bgm_kyokuto_russia.msa
Metal Slug 3 Kiss in the Dark bgm_ms3_cosmos2.msa
Metal Slug 3 Marine Diver bgm_hunt.msa Treasure Hunt.
Metal Slug 3 Metamorphosis bgm_b_7_4.msa
Metal Slug 3 Midnight Wandering bgm_b_9_1.msa
Metal Slug 3 Pyramid bgm_b_8_3.msa
Metal Slug 3 Secret Factory bgm_b_10_2.msa
Metal Slug 3 Shallow Sea bgm_ms3_sea2.msa
Metal Slug 3 Steel Beast 6Beats bgm_b_5_5.msa
Metal Slug 3 The Japanese Army bgm_b_jp.msa
Metal Slug 3 The Military System bgm_ms3_tms.msa
Metal Slug 3 The Unknown World bgm_b_5_3.msa
Metal Slug 4 Bad Ending bgm_ms4_ed2.msa
Metal Slug 4 Cadaverous bgm_canada_1.msa
Metal Slug 4 Choose a Person bgm_ms4_select.msa
Metal Slug 4 End to the War bgm_ms4_sr.msa
Metal Slug 4 Escape bgm_ms4_dm2.msa
Metal Slug 4 Final Madness bgm_ms4_finalboss.msa
Metal Slug 4 Furiously bgm_ms4_boss2.msa
Metal Slug 4 Go Ahead! bgm_ms4_st5.msa
Metal Slug 4 Good Ending bgm_ms4_ed1.msa
Metal Slug 4 Let's Run Through! bgm_ms4_st1.msa
Metal Slug 4 Secret Place bgm_ms4_final.msa
Metal Slug 4 Show Spirit bgm_ms4_st2.msa
Metal Slug 4 Snowy Road bgm_nepal.msa
Metal Slug 4 The Scene of a Hard Battle bgm_ms4_boss.msa
Metal Slug 4 Uncanny Laugh bgm_ms4_dm1.msa
Metal Slug 5 Bottom of the Sea bgm_australia_S4.msa
Metal Slug 5 Fierce Battle bgm_fierce_battle.msa
Metal Slug 5 Final Attack bgm_ms5_fa.msa
Metal Slug 5 Heavy African bgm_b_17_1.msa
Metal Slug 5 Intrigue bgm_b_18_1.msa
Metal Slug 5 Lastditch Resistance bgm_as_btl_pm2.msa Ptolemaic Army battle theme 2.
Metal Slug 5 Road to Success bgm_ms5_sr.msa
Metal Slug 5 Ruins Excavation bgm_ms5_ruins.msa
Metal Slug 5 Run Through bgm_australia_S3.msa
Metal Slug 5 Sortie! bgm_ms5_select.msa
Metal Slug 5 Speeder bgm_ms5_final.msa
Metal Slug 5 The Military System bgm06.msa
Metal Slug 5 Windy Day bgm_b_17_2.msa
Metal Slug 5 Zoom Down bgm_b_17_3.msa
Metal Slug 6 Aim High Chase Fast bgm_ms6_st4_2.msa
Metal Slug 6 Asian Impact bgm_ms6_st3.msa
Metal Slug 6 Biotoxic bgm_ms6_boss2.msa
Metal Slug 6 Bridge 256 bgm_ms6_st4_1.msa
Metal Slug 6 Cliff and Cave bgm_ms6_st1_2.msa
Metal Slug 6 Critical Maneuver bgm_ms6_sr.msa
Metal Slug 6 Discharge bgm_ms6_fboss.msa
Metal Slug 6 Final Attack bgm_ms6_fa.msa
Metal Slug 6 Inner Goldfield bgm_ms6_st2.msa
Metal Slug 6 Last Resort bgm_ms6_select.msa
Metal Slug 6 Main Theme bgm_ms6_st1_1.msa
Metal Slug 6 Steel Beast 6+7 Beats bgm_ms6_boss1.msa
Metal Slug 6 The Military System bgm_ms6_tms.msa
Metal Slug 6 Unavoidable Duel bgm_ms6_boss3.msa
Metal Slug 7 Assault Theme bgm_boss_aren.msa
Metal Slug 7 Barracks bgm_ms7_select.msa
Metal Slug 7 Beast of Beat 9 ∕ 8 bgm_ms7_boss.msa
Metal Slug 7 Coal Mine bgm_ms7_stage2.msa
Metal Slug 7 Combat School bgm_ms7_cs.msa
Metal Slug 7 Final Attack bgm_ms7_fa.msa
Metal Slug 7 Former Master bgm_as_tense.msa
Metal Slug 7 Melody of My Own Way bgm_ms7_sr.msa
Metal Slug 7 Ruins Base bgm_ms7_st5.msa
Metal Slug 7 Scrap Island bgm_as_btl_pf1.msa Regular Army battle theme 1.
Metal Slug 7 Snowy Country bgm_ms7_st6.msa
Metal Slug 7 The Beginning is the End bgm_ms7_st7.msa
Metal Slug 7 The Military System bgm08.msa Mystery Crank
Metal Slug 7 The Waterfall bgm_ms7_st4.msa
Metal Slug 7 Underground Fortress bgm_ms7_st3.msa
Metal Slug 3D Agonizing Decision bgm_ms3d_menu.msa
Metal Slug 3D Allen's Theme bgm_ms3d_al.msa
Metal Slug 3D Atmospheric Discharge bgm_ms3d_st6.msa
Metal Slug 3D At the Relief bgm_ms3d_dm6.msa
Metal Slug 3D Be Headquartered in the City bgm_as_btl_md1.msa Rebel Army battle theme 1.
Metal Slug 3D Break the Barrier bgm_ms3d_st7.msa
Metal Slug 3D Climb the Tower bgm_ms3d_st10.msa
Metal Slug 3D Coal Mine Mark bgm_ms3d_st4.msa
Metal Slug 3D Comfortable Tension bgm_ms3d_dm3.msa
Metal Slug 3D Dangerous Atmosphere bgm_ms3d_dm9.msa
Metal Slug 3D Desert Town bgm_ms3d_st3.msa
Metal Slug 3D Escape Velocity bgm_ms3d_mg.msa
Metal Slug 3D Honest Person Who Fights bgm_ms3d_dm1.msa
Metal Slug 3D Imminent Danger bgm_ms3d_dm8.msa
Metal Slug 3D It Talks About the History bgm_ms3d_dm7.msa
Metal Slug 3D Morden's Theme bgm_ms3d_dm_md.msa
Metal Slug 3D New Plot bgm_ms3d_op.msa
Metal Slug 3D Oguma's Theme bgm_ms3d_dm_og.msa
Metal Slug 3D Out of Control bgm_ms3d_st11_1.msa
Metal Slug 3D People Who Had a Hard Time bgm_ms3d_sr.msa
Metal Slug 3D Sense of Crisis bgm_ms3d_dm10.msa
Metal Slug 3D Settle Down bgm_ms3d_dm5.msa
Metal Slug 3D Shout of Sadness bgm_ms3d_st11_2.msa
Metal Slug 3D Sink under the Waves bgm_ms3d_st8.msa
Metal Slug 3D Situation That Becomes Tense bgm_ms3d_dm4.msa
Metal Slug 3D Soldier Who Confronts It bgm_ms3d_dm2.msa
Metal Slug 3D Start from Mountain Village bgm_as_btl_pf2.msa Regular Army battle theme 2.
Metal Slug 3D The Result is All bgm_md3d_rslt.msa
Metal Slug 3D The South Pole bgm_ms3d_st9.msa
Metal Slug 3D Underground Ruins bgm_ms3d_st5.msa
Metal Slug 3D Unused Tune bgm_ms3d_ut.msa
Metal Slug 3D Various Bosses bgm_ms3d_boss.msa
Metal Slug Attack A Song Learned from the Earthling bgm_as_mpsong.msa
Metal Slug Attack Another Story bgm_as_top.msa
Metal Slug Attack Artificial Innocence bgm_as_wb2.msa White Baby theme 2.
Metal Slug Attack As One Pleases bgm_as_hanyou12.msa Pirate theme.
Metal Slug Attack Calm bgm_as_hanyou3.msa
Metal Slug Attack Cross Over bgm_as_btl_ot2.msa Independent battle theme 2.
Metal Slug Attack Each bgm_as_hanyou1.msa
Metal Slug Attack Fated Enemy bgm_as_hanyou5.msa
Metal Slug Attack Feel bgm_as_hanyou10.msa
Metal Slug Attack For You (Xmas) bgm_sp2.msa A Christmas Miracle theme.
Metal Slug Attack Invasion bgm_as_btl_md2.msa Rebel Army battle theme 2.
Metal Slug Attack Main Theme bgm_title.msa
Metal Slug Attack Mars March bgm_as_mpsong2.msa
Metal Slug Attack Militancy bgm_eventmap1.msa Snatch Wars theme.
Metal Slug Attack Mixed Space bgm_as_btl_sp2.msa Space Army battle theme 2.
Metal Slug Attack Never Despair bgm_as_hanyou8.msa
Metal Slug Attack Nonsense bgm_as_comical.msa
Metal Slug Attack Omen bgm_as_hanyou6.msa
Metal Slug Attack Power bgm_eventmap3.msa Metal Arena theme.
Metal Slug Attack Preparation bgm_menu.msa Main menu theme.
Metal Slug Attack Ptolemaic Army Base bgm_as_pm1.msa
Metal Slug Attack Puzzle bgm_as_hanyou13.msa
Metal Slug Attack Rebel Army Base bgm_as_md1.msa
Metal Slug Attack Recollect bgm_as_recollect.msa
Metal Slug Attack Regular Army Base bgm_as_pf1.msa
Metal Slug Attack Reign bgm_as_hanyou11.msa
Metal Slug Attack Rescue bgm_resque.msa P.O.W. Rescue theme.
Metal Slug Attack Run Through bgm_as_btl_pm1.msa Ptolemaic Army battle theme 1. Remix of Metal Slug 5's version.
Metal Slug Attack Search & Destroy bgm_eventmap7.msa
Metal Slug Attack Space Army Base bgm_as_sp1.msa
Metal Slug Attack Tactical Situation bgm_opening.msa Online battle menu theme.
Metal Slug Attack Task Force bgm_eventmap5.msa Task Force theme.
Metal Slug Attack Temptation bgm_as_hanyou14.msa
Metal Slug Attack Tension bgm_as_hanyou2.msa
Metal Slug Attack The Night bgm_sp1.msa Halloween Party on a Moonless Night theme.
Metal Slug Attack Thought bgm_as_hanyou7.msa
Metal Slug Attack Ties bgm_as_hanyou9.msa
Metal Slug Attack To the Front bgm_map.msa Attack map.
Metal Slug Attack To Tomorrow bgm_as_hanyou4.msa
Metal Slug Attack Together bgm_eventmap4.msa Try Line theme.
Metal Slug Attack Uncharted Place bgm_eventmap6.msa Ultimate Mission theme.
Metal Slug Attack United Front bgm_eventmap2.msa United Front theme.
Metal Slug Attack Vacation bgm_as_vacation.msa Endless Summer Vacation theme.
Metal Slug Attack Welcome to Our Planet bgm_as_btl_sp1.msa Space Army battle theme 1.
Metal Slug Attack Wild Land bgm_as_btl_ot1.msa Independent battle theme 1.
Metal Slug Attack You Know What? bgm_as_wb1.msa White Baby theme 1.
Metal Slug Defense Ambition bgm_ending.msa Actually first used in Metal Slug SV-001 (Pachislot).
Metal Slug Defense Main Menu bgm_msd_2.msa
Metal Slug Defense Prologue bgm_msd_3.msa
Metal Slug Defense Title Screen bgm_msd_1.msa
Metal Slug Defense World Map bgm_msd_4.msa
Metal Slug X Ending bgm_msx_sr.msa
Metal Slug X Judgment bgm_msx_st1.msa
Rhythm of Fighters LIVIN ON THE DECK bgm_ms_arr1.msa
Rhythm of Fighters STEEL BEAST 6BEATS bgm_ms_arr2.msa

Bulk Renaming Script

If you wish to listen to the in-game audio through other players, paste this into a batch file and run it from within a folder with all of MSA's data files. Everthing'll be copied into a subfolder called "Music", using OGG extensions.

Note that these audio files are relatively low quality compared to those in the OST.

mkdir Music
copy "bgm_b_14_1.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 1 - Assault Theme.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms1_ed1p.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 1 - End Title.ogg"
copy "bgm_b_6_1.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 1 - Gerhardt City.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms1_ed2p.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 1 - Hold You Still! (Instrumental Ver.).ogg"
copy "bgm_b_16_1.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 1 - Inner Station.ogg"
copy "bgm_b_1_1.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 1 - Main Theme.ogg"
copy "bgm_b_4_1.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 1 - Ridge 256.ogg"
copy "bgm_b_1_4.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 1 - Steel Beast 5Beats.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms1_tms.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 1 - The Military System.ogg"
copy "bgm_b_2_1.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 2 - Back to the China.ogg"
copy "bgm_b_13_1.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 2 - Judgment.ogg"
copy "bgm_b_7_2.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 2 - Kiss in the Dark.ogg"
copy "bgm_b_11_1.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 2 - Livin' on the Deck.ogg"
copy "bgm_b_7_1.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 2 - New Godokin Street.ogg"
copy "bgm_b_3_1.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 2 - Prehistoric Site.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms2_boss.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 2 - Steel Beast 6Beats.ogg"
copy "bgm_b_3_3.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 2 - The Cenotaph.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms3_select.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 3 - Barracks.ogg"
copy "bgm_b_15_4.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 3 - Bioinformatics.ogg"
copy "bgm_b_5_1.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 3 - Blue Water Fangs (The Island of Dr. Moreau).ogg"
copy "bgm_b_8_1.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 3 - Desert.ogg"
copy "bgm_b_9_3.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 3 - Devil's Snow Cave.ogg"
copy "bgm_b_15_5.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 3 - Escape.ogg"
copy "bgm_final_attack.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 3 - Final Attack.ogg"
copy "bgm_b_12_3.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 3 - First Contact.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms3_sea3.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 3 - Hard Water.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms3_cosmos.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 3 - Into the Cosmos.ogg"
copy "bgm_kyokuto_russia.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 3 - Into the Sky.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms3_cosmos2.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 3 - Kiss in the Dark.ogg"
copy "bgm_b_7_4.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 3 - Metamorphosis.ogg"
copy "bgm_b_9_1.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 3 - Midnight Wandering.ogg"
copy "bgm_b_8_3.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 3 - Pyramid.ogg"
copy "bgm_b_10_2.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 3 - Secret Factory.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms3_sea2.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 3 - Shallow Sea.ogg"
copy "bgm_b_5_5.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 3 - Steel Beast 6Beats.ogg"
copy "bgm_b_jp.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 3 - The Japanese Army.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms3_tms.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 3 - The Military System.ogg"
copy "bgm_b_5_3.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 3 - The Unknown World.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms3d_st6.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 3D - Atmospheric Discharge.ogg"
copy "bgm_as_btl_md1.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 3D - Be Headquartered in the City.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms3d_st4.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 3D - Coal Mine Mark.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms3d_st3.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 3D - Desert Town.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms3d_st8.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 3D - Sink under the Waves.ogg"
copy "bgm_as_btl_pf2.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 3D - Start from Mountain Village.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms3d_st9.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 3D - The South Pole.ogg"
copy "bgm_australia_S4.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 5 - Bottom of the Sea.ogg"
copy "bgm_fierce_battle.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 5 - Fierce Battle.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms5_fa.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 5 - Final Attack.ogg"
copy "bgm_b_17_1.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 5 - Heavy African.ogg"
copy "bgm_b_18_1.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 5 - Intrigue.ogg"
copy "bgm_as_btl_pm2.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 5 - Lastditch Resistance.ogg"
copy "bgm_hunt.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 3 - Marine Diver.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms5_sr.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 5 - Road to Success.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms5_ruins.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 5 - Ruins Excavation.ogg"
copy "bgm_australia_S3.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 5 - Run Through.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms5_select.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 5 - Sortie!.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms5_final.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 5 - Speeder.ogg"
copy "bgm06.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 5 - The Military System.ogg"
copy "bgm_b_17_2.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 5 - Windy Day.ogg"
copy "bgm_b_17_3.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 5 - Zoom Down.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms6_st3.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 6 - Asian Impact.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms6_boss2.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 6 - Biotoxic.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms6_st1_2.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 6 - Cliff and Cave.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms6_fa.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 6 - Final Attack.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms6_st2.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 6 - Inner Goldfield.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms6_select.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 6 - Last Resort.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms6_st1_1.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 6 - Main Theme.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms6_boss1.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 6 - Steel Beast 6+7 Beats.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms6_boss3.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 6 - Unavoidable Duel.ogg"
copy "bgm_boss_aren.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 7 - Assault Theme.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms7_select.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 7 - Barracks.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms7_boss.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 7 - Beast of Beat 9 ∕ 8.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms7_stage2.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 7 - Coal Mine.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms7_cs.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 7 - Combat School.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms7_fa.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 7 - Final Attack.ogg"
copy "bgm_as_tense.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 7 - Former Master.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms7_st5.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 7 - Ruins Base.ogg"
copy "bgm_as_btl_pf1.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 7 - Scrap Island.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms7_st6.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 7 - Snowy Country.ogg"
copy "bgm08.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 7 - The Military System.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms7_st3.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 7 - Underground Fortress.ogg"
copy "bgm_as_mpsong.msa" "Music/Metal Slug Attack - A Song Learned from the Earthling.ogg"
copy "bgm_as_top.msa" "Music/Metal Slug Attack - Another Story.ogg"
copy "bgm_as_wb2.msa" "Music/Metal Slug Attack - Artificial Innocence.ogg"
copy "bgm_as_hanyou12.msa" "Music/Metal Slug Attack - As One Pleases.ogg"
copy "bgm_as_hanyou3.msa" "Music/Metal Slug Attack - Calm.ogg"
copy "bgm_as_btl_ot2.msa" "Music/Metal Slug Attack - Cross Over.ogg"
copy "bgm_as_hanyou1.msa" "Music/Metal Slug Attack - Each.ogg"
copy "bgm_as_hanyou5.msa" "Music/Metal Slug Attack - Fated Enemy.ogg"
copy "bgm_as_hanyou10.msa" "Music/Metal Slug Attack - Feel.ogg"
copy "bgm_sp2.msa" "Music/Metal Slug Attack - For You (Xmas).ogg"
copy "bgm_as_btl_md2.msa" "Music/Metal Slug Attack - Invasion.ogg"
copy "bgm_title.msa" "Music/Metal Slug Attack - Main Theme.ogg"
copy "bgm_as_mpsong2.msa" "Music/Metal Slug Attack - Mars March.ogg"
copy "bgm_eventmap1.msa" "Music/Metal Slug Attack - Militancy.ogg"
copy "bgm_as_btl_sp2.msa" "Music/Metal Slug Attack - Mixed Space.ogg"
copy "bgm_as_hanyou8.msa" "Music/Metal Slug Attack - Never Despair.ogg"
copy "bgm_as_comical.msa" "Music/Metal Slug Attack - Nonsense.ogg"
copy "bgm_as_hanyou6.msa" "Music/Metal Slug Attack - Omen.ogg"
copy "bgm_eventmap3.msa" "Music/Metal Slug Attack - Power.ogg"
copy "bgm_menu.msa" "Music/Metal Slug Attack - Preparation.ogg"
copy "bgm_as_pm1.msa" "Music/Metal Slug Attack - Ptolemaic Army Base.ogg"
copy "bgm_as_md1.msa" "Music/Metal Slug Attack - Rebel Army Base.ogg"
copy "bgm_as_recollect.msa" "Music/Metal Slug Attack - Recollect.ogg"
copy "bgm_as_pf1.msa" "Music/Metal Slug Attack - Regular Army Base.ogg"
copy "bgm_resque.msa" "Music/Metal Slug Attack - Rescue.ogg"
copy "bgm_as_btl_pm1.msa" "Music/Metal Slug Attack - Run Through.ogg"
copy "bgm_as_sp1.msa" "Music/Metal Slug Attack - Space Army Base.ogg"
copy "bgm_opening.msa" "Music/Metal Slug Attack - Tactical Situation.ogg"
copy "bgm_as_hanyou2.msa" "Music/Metal Slug Attack - Tension.ogg"
copy "bgm_sp1.msa" "Music/Metal Slug Attack - The Night.ogg"
copy "bgm_as_hanyou9.msa" "Music/Metal Slug Attack - Ties.ogg"
copy "bgm_map.msa" "Music/Metal Slug Attack - To the Front.ogg"
copy "bgm_as_hanyou4.msa" "Music/Metal Slug Attack - To Tomorrow.ogg"
copy "bgm_eventmap4.msa" "Music/Metal Slug Attack - Together.ogg"
copy "bgm_eventmap2.msa" "Music/Metal Slug Attack - United Front.ogg"
copy "bgm_as_vacation.msa" "Music/Metal Slug Attack - Vacation.ogg"
copy "bgm_as_btl_sp1.msa" "Music/Metal Slug Attack - Welcome to Our Planet.ogg"
copy "bgm_as_btl_ot1.msa" "Music/Metal Slug Attack - Wild Land.ogg"
copy "bgm_as_wb1.msa" "Music/Metal Slug Attack - You Know What.ogg"
copy "bgm_msd_2.msa" "Music/Metal Slug Defense - Main Menu.ogg"
copy "bgm_msd_3.msa" "Music/Metal Slug Defense - Prologue.ogg"
copy "bgm_msd_1.msa" "Music/Metal Slug Defense - Title Screen.ogg"
copy "bgm_msd_4.msa" "Music/Metal Slug Defense - World Map.ogg"
copy "bgm_msx_st1.msa" "Music/Metal Slug X - Judgment.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms3d_st5.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 3D - Underground Ruins.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms7_st4.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 7 - The Waterfall.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms3d_st10.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 3D - Climb the Tower.ogg"
copy "bgm_msx_sr.msa" "Music/Metal Slug X - Ending.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms7_st7.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 7 - The Beginning is the End.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms3d_st7.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 3D - Break the Barrier.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms3d_boss.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 3D - Various Bosses.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms3d_menu.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 3D - Agonizing Decision.ogg"
copy "bgm_nepal.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 4 - Snowy Road.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms4_boss.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 4 - The Scene of a Hard Battle.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms4_st2.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 4 - Show Spirit.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms4_st1.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 4 - Let's Run Through!.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms4_select.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 4 - Choose a Person.ogg"
copy "bgm_ending.msa" "Music/Metal Slug SV-001 (Pachislot) - Ambition.ogg"
copy "bgm_canada_1.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 4 - Cadaverous.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms4_dm1.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 4 - Uncanny Laugh.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms7_sr.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 7 - Melody of My Own Way.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms4_st5.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 4 - Go Ahead!.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms6_st4_1.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 6 - Bridge 256.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms4_dm2.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 4 - Escape.ogg"
copy "bgm_as_hanyou11.msa" "Music/Metal Slug Attack - Reign.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms6_fboss.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 6 - Discharge.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms4_final.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 4 - Secret Place.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms4_boss2.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 4 - Furiously.ogg"
copy "bgm_eventmap5.msa" "Music/Metal Slug Attack - Task Force.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms3d_dm_md.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 3D - Morden's Theme.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms3d_dm2.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 3D - Soldier Who Confronts It.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms3d_mg.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 3D - Escape Velocity.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms3d_dm1.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 3D - Honest Person Who Fights.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms3d_dm5.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 3D - Settle Down.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms4_sr.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 4 - End to the War.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms3d_dm8.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 3D - Imminent Danger.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms3d_st11_1.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 3D - Out of Control.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms3d_dm_og.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 3D - Oguma's Theme.ogg"
copy "bgm_as_hanyou7.msa" "Music/Metal Slug Attack - Thought.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms3d_dm4.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 3D - Situation That Becomes Tense.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms3d_op.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 3D - New Plot.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms3d_dm7.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 3D - It Talks About the History.ogg"
copy "bgm_md3d_rslt.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 3D - The Result is All.ogg"
copy "bgm_as_hanyou14.msa" "Music/Metal Slug Attack - Temptation.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms3d_dm9.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 3D - Dangerous Atmosphere.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms6_sr.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 6 - Critical Maneuver.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms3d_sr.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 3D - People Who Had a Hard Time.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms3d_dm6.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 3D - At the Relief.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms3d_dm3.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 3D - Comfortable Tension.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms3d_dm10.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 3D - Sense of Crisis.ogg"
copy "bgm_eventmap6.msa" "Music/Metal Slug Attack - Uncharted Place.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms3d_st11_2.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 3D - Shout of Sadness.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms4_ed2.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 4 - Bad Ending.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms3d_ut.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 3D - Unused Tune.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms3d_al.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 3D - Allen's Theme.ogg"
copy "bgm_as_hanyou13.msa" "Music/Metal Slug Attack - Puzzle.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms4_ed1.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 4 - Good Ending.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms6_st4_2.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 6 - Aim High Chase Fast.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms4_finalboss.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 4 - Final Madness.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms_arr1.msa" "Music/Rhythm of Fighters - LIVIN ON THE DECK.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms_arr2.msa" "Music/Rhythm of Fighters - STEEL BEAST 6BEATS.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms2_st5_3.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 2 - Metamorphosis.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms6_tms.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 6 - The Military System.ogg"
copy "bgm_ms3_assault.msa" "Music/Metal Slug 3 - Assault Theme.ogg"
copy "bgm_eventmap7.msa" "Music/Metal Slug Attack - Search & Destroy.ogg"
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