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Online (unlocked at level 10) is a game mode in Metal Slug Attack where one may battle other players in real time.


Online menu showing 1on1 or 2on2 stats.

Players use one of their given deck slots and send it out to battle against another player. During the waiting time, the player will be placed in matchmaking, though they may opt out during the process if a match cannot be found. Once a player has been found, the cancel option in the matchmaking screen will be removed and players will face their opponent.

The goal is to destroy the enemy base to claim victory. Players are given 5 minutes (300 seconds) to achieve this and like other game modes, can use the Metal Slug Attack, Reload or Recovery supports. If neither base is destroyed within the allotted time, then the match will check the health percentage of both bases; whoever has the highest amount wins. If both bases have the same health, then the match ends in a draw, although it is still considered to be a loss in the records.

It is recommended to have stable internet connection when playing online.


Both 1v1 and 2v2 use the same set of maps, picked at random:

Metal Slug SV-001 Maps

  • Gerhardt City - Long

Metal Slug 2/X Maps

  • Arabian Town - Medium
  • Rebel Supply Train (start) - Long
  • Rebel Supply Train (end) - Long
  • Hozomi Production Facility - Long
  • Sasquatch Cave - Long
  • Railroad Tracks - Extremely long

Metal Slug 3 Maps

  • Dr. Moureau's Island - Short
  • Jupiter King Facility - Long
  • Rugname - Long
  • Slug Den - Extremely long

Metal Slug 5 Maps

  • Underwater Base - Medium
  • Native Temple - Long
  • Ptolemaic Base Corridor - Long
  • Top of the Mammoth Tower - Very long

Metal Slug 6 Maps

  • City Sewers - Extremely long
  • Mining Site - Extremely long
  • Invader Hive - Extremely long

Metal Slug 7/XX Maps

  • Snow Field - Extremely long


  • Warped Temple - Extremely long


A fairly simple game mode where the player battles another player themselves in real time.

There are several filters for this mode to help modify matchmaking:

  • Everyone (All users) - battle players without taking into account their levels.
  • Within 5 levels (Max 5 level differences) - battle players that are within 5 levels above or below the player.
  • Same level (User with the same level) - battle players the same level as yours.

It is a fairly simple mode. While the general amount of points gained is typically less compared to 2-on-2, finding a 1-on-1 match is fairly fast and makes up for it with increased medal rewards from successive wins.

After the battle finishes, players can rematch, search for other players based on their filter or wrap up their online rounds. If the players decide to rematch, the match starts over again and plays as usual until one player decides to stop, or until five matches are played in total between both players. It is important to note that this match limit is only capped per instance, so after five matches, if both players run into each other again, they may play another five matches with each other as usual.

A report option can be found on the records screen for 1-on-1 matches to report players caught in doing suspicious activities such as cheating online.

FRIEND 1-on-1

This online 1on1 allows the player to find a match with their friends in real time.

It has a similar mechanics with the United Front Extra Ops' Co-op match. Upon selecting an friend, the friend being selected will be notified on their private message about a friend match. Players can also turn on/off the notifications for friend matches in the Notification Settings at the main menu.

Unlike the regular 1-on-1, FRIEND 1-on-1 does not counted and it doesn't give the player a score nor it does give wins either.


The result screen after a 2-on-2 match.

A more complex game mode where the player is randomly paired with another and must battle another pair of players.

Unlike 1-on-1 mode, there are no level filters for 2-on-2. 2-on-2 is generally considered to be less popular as matchmaking tends to take significantly longer, and can often be marred due to communication errors. The game mode can also have bugged matches, such as player names not being shown on the initial battle report (although the individual player is still shown), or a player sending high cost units far earlier than expected (also causing the initial battle report to be shown incorrectly by showing a different player's name).

2-on-2 tends to yield more points due to the increased chance of finding a player of a higher rank than you. Rematches are not offered in this game mode.

Guild 1-on-1 and 2-on-2

Guild 1on1 or 2on2 allow players to battle other guild members in real time. In the GUILD panel of the chat, players can see a note that a certain player is looking for a Guild match. Although in 2on2, partners and enemies from the guild are random.

Like the FRIEND 1on1, Guild matches are not counted nor it does give the player a score or wins although these matches are recorded.


  • For every 5 victories (separate) the player is rewarded MSA currency Medal compressed.png 10 that can be collected in the Mailbox.
  • For every 1,000 points obtained, the player is rewarded MSA currency Medal compressed.png 5 that can be collected in the Mailbox.

Note: Medals from Online are capped to a soft cap of 300 per day, after which the player cannot get any more medals are points for that remaining day, resetting daily at 4:00 JST. Since medals are rewarded in quantities of 5 or 10, it is possible to get 305 medals.


Players are automatically given the rank of Recruit when their account is created. In order to advance through the ranks, players must obtain the respective amount of points.

Insignias do not have any special properties attributed to them, though they often signify how strong the player is and how active they were in online mode.

Players who win the battle gain a significant amount of points, ranging from 50, 60, 80, 100, 150, 200 or 300. This typically depends on the rank of the defeated player(s). Defeating a higher ranked player will yield more points, whereas lower ranked players yield less points, although there are occasional anomalies in which more points are obtained than usual. The default amount of points obtained is 100, if both players are of the same rank or if the other player disconnects, regardless of their rank.

Defeated players gain a small amount of points based on their performance.

Insgn. Rank
0 MSA Online rank 01-Recruit.png Recruit
1,000 MSA Online rank 02-Private.png Private
3,000 MSA Online rank 03-Private 1st Class.png Private 1st Class
6,000 MSA Online rank 04-Corporal.png Corporal
10,000 MSA Online rank 05-Sergeant.png Sergeant
15,000 MSA Online rank 06-Staff Sergeant.png Staff Sergeant
20,000 MSA Online rank 07-Sergeant 1st Class.png Sergeant 1st Class
25,000 MSA Online rank 08-Master Sergeant.png Master Sergeant
30,000 MSA Online rank 09-Sergeant Major.png Sergeant Major
40,000 MSA Online rank 10-Warrant Officer.png Warrant Officer
50,000 MSA Online rank 11-Chief Warrant Officer.png Chief Warrant Officer
70,000 MSA Online rank 12-2nd Lieutenant.png 2nd Lieutenant
100,000 MSA Online rank 13-1st Lieutenant.png 1st Lieutenant
150,000 MSA Online rank 14-Captain.png Captain
200,000 MSA Online rank 15-Major.png Major
300,000 MSA Online rank 16-Lieutenant Colonel.png Lieutenant Colonel
400,000 MSA Online rank 17-Colonel.png Colonel
500,000 MSA Online rank 18-Brigadier General.png Brigadier General
750,000 MSA Online rank 19-Major General.png Major General
1,000,000 MSA Online rank 20-Lieutenant General.png Lieutenant General
1,500,000 MSA Online rank 21-General.png General
2,000,000 MSA Online rank 22-General of the Army.png General of the Army
3,000,000 MSA Online rank 23-Super Devil.png Super Devil
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