MSA P.O.W. Rescue

P.O.W. Rescue (unlocked at Level 05) is a new game mode introduced in Metal Slug Attack. The player is tasked with completing a set of 10 stages of increasing difficulty in order to get Unit Parts and Items, as well as MSA currency Gold Bar Gold Bars (occasionally referred to as Gold Bullions), this mode's exclusive currency to spend at the local shop. Rewards drop randomly, with the exception of Gold Bars which drop after every stage with an even number.

The quirk of P.O.W. Rescue is that one gets 15 minutes total (of combat time) to complete all stages, and can retry stages as many times as necessary in order to reduce the time spent or score a win altogether. In the case of having reached the end of the path or running out of time, the player needs to "Restart" (which they can once a day; Restart refreshes at 0400 hours server time). In fact, restarting can be done voluntarily at any point, for example if the player encounters a deck they cannot beat.

Doing so, they are given a choice between "Normal" and "Hard" as a risk-reward mechanic - better rewards for more difficult opponents.

MSA Daily Daily quests offer 100 EXP, 2,000 MSP as well as 200 Gold Bars [as of 1.3.0] for completing one stage.

Stage Breakdown

Stage Length
MSA difficulty 3-Normal MSA difficulty 4-Hard
MSA currency Gold Bar Lv.
MSA currency Gold Bar
1 Medium -5 -2
2 Long -5 50 -2 100
3 Medium -4 -1
4 Long -4 100 -1 200
5 Medium -3 0
6 Medium -3 150 0 300
7 Short -2 1
8 Medium -2 200 1 400
9 Long -1 2
10 Short -1 250 2 500

Having completed a stage on Normal difficulty, the player receives a random loot drop (aside from Gold Bars): the first drop is guaranteed and there is approximately a 40% chance that the second drop will take place.

Unit parts drop only after clearing Stages 3, 7, and 10.

MSA P.O.W. Shop

P.O.W. Shop

As with other Shops, merchandise selection is randomised and refreshes 3 times a day at 1200 hours, 1800 hours, and 2100 hours based on server time. In exchange for MSA currency Gold Bar Gold Bars players can get:

Current stock can be refreshed immediately for MSA currency Gold Bar 30.

Though similar to the Battle Shop, Team Battle Shop, and Guild Shop, the P.O.W. Shop's unique trait is that it offers only MSA faction Regular Army Regular Army units.

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