Rank Match (also known as Metal Arena) is a new feature introduced to Metal Slug Attack as of the 3.0.0 update. Players fight other players in a 1v1 format (similar to Online). At the end of each season, players are awarded a hefty sum of medals based on how well they did during that season.

In order to access this mode, the player must be level 10 or higher. As with the standard Online feature, participating in a Rank Match battle will complete the online task.


Rank Match is similar to Online on the basis that the player battles other players in real time. However, Rank Match is only open for one hour for the following times (in JST):

  • 4:00-4:59
  • 8:00-8:59
  • 12:00-12:59
  • 18:00-18:59
  • 22:00-22:59

Players can also check the ranking of units in the "Customize Unit" section of "Build Up" and tapping on the "Unit Ranking" setting. Up to 200 units in each bracket can be ranked. The units' ranking depends on how often it is used in each bracket; for example, an extremely popular unit often sees a very high placement, such as Hathol.

Ranks - Iron to Gold

The Iron to Gold rank sets are played in a standard one-on-one format with stars being the main "points". When a player defeats another in battle, they are awarded stars as their victory reward. These stars in turn are used to promote to higher brackets. Each rank set has three tiers; III, II and I. After obtaining enough stars in the "I" rank, the player then advances to the next rank set. Having streaks will reward more stars to speed up the promotion process.

Should the player lose, stars are taken away from them. If the player does not have enough stars to sustain their rank at a high bracket, they will be demoted to the tier below it; for example, a player who loses with no stars in Gold I will be relegated to Gold II with all stars. The rank sets are the absolute minimum for losses; a player in Gold III with no stars will stay in Gold III and not Silver I.

Once enough stars are obtained in Gold I, the player is promoted to the Platinum rank set.

Ranks - Platinum

The platinum rank set is played differently compared to the previous batch of sets; rather than stars, rating serves as the main "points". Rating is obtained/lost when the player wins/loses battles respectively. All players start with 100 rating when they enter the platinum ranks.

Players can choose between three filters to determine how fast a match can be found; players of any rating, players with a rating higher than yours, and players within 25 rating of yours. Note that the filters do not always work as usual, especially if the player is of a high rank or there are no matches to find.

Players' ranks greatly determine the points awarded/lost in battles. For example, a player with a rank of 25 against one of 500 would result in the rank 25 player having a +1/-31 (rating gained/lost) and the rank 500 player would have a rating of +31/-1 (rating gained/lost).

Streaks are obtained by having three or more wins in a row. For every match won with a streak bonus, an additional 5 rating is obtained in addition to the ratings won from that match.


If a player disconnects during a match with another player, a penalty is applied to the disconnecting player, though it can also apply to both players in rare cases. The penalty varies greatly, ranging from a minute to several days depending on the player's rank and amount of disconnects in the current season. This is to discourage high ranked players from avoiding losses.

Originally the penalty ranged from one second to five minutes (based on how much battle time was left), but was changed to the current mechanic after season 7 because of the amount of disconnects performed by players to avoid losing their streaks.


As Rank Match is simply another version of 1v1, the report option can be used to report players with suspicious activity.

If cheating is detected in the match, the resulting match will be voided. It would also result in removal of the player from the rankings and they will be unable to participate in the current and future Rank Matches.


For every rank the player ascends to, they are given a one-time bonus of 30 medals. For every 3 wins the player obtains, 5 medals will be awarded.

Platinum Rank

Metal Ranker titles only last for 30 days before disappearing, though they will remain in the player's records. While ranks above 100 by the player will still be recorded, the rank obtained will not show for anyone except them. The metal ranker titles don't hold any actual value, much like the player's rank from Online.

Rank Reward
1 20000 MSA currency Medal
No. 01 Metal Ranker Title
2 15000 MSA currency Medal
No. 02 Metal Ranker Title
3 10000 MSA currency Medal
No. 03 Metal Ranker Title
4-9 5000 MSA currency Medal
No. XX Metal Ranker Title
10-19 5000 MSA currency Medal
No. XX Metal Ranker Title
20-49 3000 MSA currency Medal
No. XX Metal Ranker Title
50-99 2000 MSA currency Medal
No. XX Metal Ranker Title
100-299 2000 MSA currency Medal
300-499 1500 MSA currency Medal
500-699 1200 MSA currency Medal
700-999 1000 MSA currency Medal
1000-1499 950 MSA currency Medal
1500-1999 900 MSA currency Medal
2000-2499 850 MSA currency Medal
2500-2999 800 MSA currency Medal
3000-3499 750 MSA currency Medal
3500-3999 700 MSA currency Medal
4000-4499 650 MSA currency Medal
4500-4999 600 MSA currency Medal
5000-5499 550 MSA currency Medal
5500+ 500 MSA currency Medal


Rank Set Reward
Gold I 400 MSA currency Medal
Gold II 360 MSA currency Medal
Gold III 320 MSA currency Medal


Rank Set Reward
Silver I 300 MSA currency Medal
Silver II 260 MSA currency Medal
Silver III 230 MSA currency Medal


Rank Set Reward
Bronze I 200 MSA currency Medal
Bronze II 160 MSA currency Medal
Bronze III 130 MSA currency Medal


Rank Set Reward
Iron I 100 MSA currency Medal
Iron II 60 MSA currency Medal
Iron III 30 MSA currency Medal


  • Medal rewards for platinum rank were increased at season 4, with the following table below being the rewards in platinum rank for the first three seasons:
Rank Reward
1 20000 MSA currency Medal
No. 01 Metal Ranker Title
2 15000 MSA currency Medal
No. 02 Metal Ranker Title
3 10000 MSA currency Medal
No. 03 Metal Ranker Title
4-9 5000 MSA currency Medal
No. XX Metal Ranker Title
10-19 3000 MSA currency Medal
No. XX Metal Ranker Title
20-49 2000 MSA currency Medal
No. XX Metal Ranker Title
50-99 1000 MSA currency Medal
No. XX Metal Ranker Title
100-999 1000 MSA currency Medal
1000+ 500 MSA currency Medal
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