Metal Slug Attack Wiki

Unit Status play a bigger role in Metal Slug Attack than they did in its predecessor, Metal Slug Defense, even though stats did not undergo much change in terms of core mechanic. Here stats can be influenced by the player in a number of ways under Customize Unit in Build Up.

Current stat values (C) are determined by the following formula (simplified):

C = ⌊ ⌊ B × T × L + I1 + ... + Im ⌋ • (1 + S1 + ... + Sn + F + R1 + ... + Ro )⌋

Variable Description Note
B Base value of the stat.
T Unit Tier-based multiplier. 1 if not affected or if in the (I) Iron tier.
L Unit Level-based multiplier. 1 if not affected or if Level 1.
Item-based stat increments. 0 if not equipped.
m Number of items that can be equipped and affect the stat. If there are several items that increase the same stat, their increments stack.
Either used as an addition or multiplication depending on the stat to increase. +: Time Production, Movement, Load.

×: HP, Attack Damage, Distance.

Unit Skill-based multipliers. 0 if not unlocked ("released").
n Number of skills that can be unlocked and affect the stat. If there are several skills that increase the same stat, their multipliers stack.
F Faction multipliers (HP only). 0.10 if all units in the deck belong to the same faction, otherwise 0.
Support Unit Skill-based multipliers. 0 if not present in the deck.
o Number of skills unlocked from Support Unit that affect the stat. If there are several items that increase the same stat, their multipliers stack.

Basic Stats


Serves to indicate how far a unit has moved in terms of progression. Unit level also determines which tier of Items can be equipped, and how far Skills can be upgraded. It can be increased by Powering-Up using MSP, and doing so improves HP and Attack Damage for the unit in concern.


Shows the AP cost to deploy a unit in combat. This can be reduced via Evolution using corresponding unit parts, and in most cases, Team Bonuses.

Units' rarity determines the AP reduction of the unit:

  • Normal - AP cost decreased by 2 for each successive frame, outside of the Rootmars Slug and Ultimate Bosses.
  • Rare - AP cost decreased by 5% of the base frame for each successive frame.
  • Super Rare - AP cost decreased by 10% of the base frame for each successive frame.

Health Points

Shows how much base damage a unit can soak up before being put out of commission. Can be improved by Powering-Up using MSP, Evolving with unit parts, or by equipping certain Items.

Some units are capable of increasing the health of their allies (either through Skills or Team Bonuses). There is also a flat 10% health increase if the player's deck contains units of only one faction. Attribute Resistances may furthermore increase or decrease the amount of damage a unit can withstand from certain sources.

Apart from leveling, evolving and equipping the unit with items, some units also possess health skills to further increase their health.

There are four levels of health skills:

  • 10.0% base, capping at 34.5% - low health boost
  • 20.0% base, capping at 69.0% - medium health boost
  • 30.0% base, capping at 128.0% - enhanced health boost, usually by premium units and some bosses
  • 50.0% base, capping at 99.0% health - high health boost

Health Recovery

Some units possess a means of recovering health. Health recovery as a special attack is indicated as this icon (Attribute chemical.png).

  • Auto-attack recovery: Some units may sap health from enemies they hit with various ratios (damage:healing); 100:1, 2:1 and 10:1.
  • Special attack recovery: The unit recovers a set amount of health whenever they perform a special attack, which can be increased with attack buffs. Mars Gigantalos and Purple King's special attacks follow the auto-attack recovery option however. In rare instances, some support units are capable of healing their own allies via Special Attack such as Special Sisilia.
  • Passive healing: The unit restores a set amount of health after a specific amount of game ticks pass.
  • Counter: Some units can perform a counterattack by recovering health either as a stun or evasion counter. May be required to be unlocked as a skill.
  • Revival/Second Form: The unit will restore its health and be revived or activate additional forms upon losing their all their health on their current form. May be required to be unlocked as a skill.
  • Spawn: Exclusive to Independent players only - the Celestial Ruler Rokker performs a retro recovery (only restores health, no status immunities) upon being deployed for the first time.

First introduced in 6.18.0 by Maki, allied units that are healed from overhealth capability can have their health boosted to 200% of their normal amount.


Determines how soon a new instance of a unit becomes available after a previous one has been deployed in combat. This stat is displayed as a negative number and the closer it is to zero, the faster it is to deploy the unit again. Production speed can be increased by equipping specific items. The Production time is calculated as such:

Production (B, U) = B × U

Variable Description
B Base Production Speed Level multiplier.
U Current Unit's Production value (frame).


Influences how easily a unit is staggered by attacks, and is directly countered by the Lower Resistance stat attacks have - whenever it's reduced to zero, the unit is knocked back and regains its initial resistance value again. Resistance can be improved by equipping certain Items.

A unit is immune to damage while staggering. Depending on the unit's function, this is seen as a mixed trait - if the unit possesses knockback counter, it is a positive trait as it makes them live longer than usual. Otherwise, it is generally seen as a negative trait as the stagger can cause units to give up ground to the enemy.

Units with "---" resistance value cannot be staggered by attacks unless they possess knockback capability via skill.

Lower Resistance

Counters the Resistance stat of the target. When the unit's resistance is completely drained, they are knocked back, making them temporarily immune to attacks. Some units specialize in this, though there are several exceptions where a unit's special attack causes significant resistance drain.

If a unit is staggered through a knockback skill, they are given a 4 second immunity against all knockback attacks, including those through normal attacks. Supporter Allen O'Neil's primary ability provides the player's units with stagger immunity for 0.8 to 9.0 seconds. The immunity will override the unit's resistance values while active. Attacks that cause stagger through normal attacks without this skill does not provide this immunity.

However, some units also possess counter skills where they immediately perform a counterattack should their resistance be completely drained.

Stagger Damage Boost

First introduced in 6.20.0 by Linhua, units with this ability will deal increased damage whenever they successfully stagger an opponent.


How fast a unit moves across the screen. This stat is displayed as a multiplier of the base value (assumed to be shared by all units). Some units possess items to increase their movement, while others may have a skill to do so. Some units can increase the movement speed of allied units of their faction with their skills.

Attribute and Resistance

Units' attack and resistances vary. The attack type dealt determines how much damage is dealt to their target(s), after damage barriers and resistances have been calculated in.

For units at the start of the game, this also affects their death animations - for example, the PF heroes in the original games, if killed by a kinetic or explosive attack, use their trademark normal death animation, while if killed by an incendiary attack, their skin is also charred in the process. This is simply a visual effect and has no actual effect on gameplay.

Some special attacks may consist of several attributes (e.g Victoria's special attack, which deals both kinetic and incendiary damage). In this case only one attribute is shown on the unit customization screen.

Three different attack values are used:

  • Attribute pistol.png Kinetic (melee, firearms, energy weapons, etc.).
  • Attribute grenade.png Explosive.
  • Attribute fire.png Incendiary (fire-based).

The game uses symbols to represent the modifiers:

  • ◎ - Increased (-20% damage taken)
  • ◯ - Normal
  • △ - Reduced (+20% damage taken)
  • × - No resistance (+50% damage taken)

Attack Stats

There are at most three types of attack displayed for any given unit:

  • Short (close range)
  • Long (long range)
  • Special

Extra Attacks, not shown within their stats, may also consist of:

Attack Damage

Represents raw offensive strength that can be improved upon by Powering-Up using MSP, Evolving with unit parts, and by equipping certain Items. Actual damage dealt may be modified by the Attribute Resistances of enemy units and any attack buffing units in the player's deck.


Influences how far an attack can reach, and can be increased by equipping certain Items or skills.


Influences how long a unit must wait after executing an attack before performing another action. This stat is counted in frames and is displayed as a negative number - the closer to zero, the shorter the delay. Speed can be increased by equipping certain Items.


Absent by default, critical attacks can only be unlocked via Skills (except in rare cases such as Expert Units, who have a 100% critical rate on all attacks at all times). These affect either close range, long range, special, or all attacks, adding a chance of a more powerful strike. When a critical triggers, attack damage is increased by 50%.

Critical damage during attacks is indicated by a yellow numbers against enemies, and purple numbers against allies.

Critical comes in one level:

  • 10.0% base, capping at 34.5% - default critical rate

The chance of a unit getting struck by a critical hit can be decreased by applying Critical status resistance items.

Enhanced Critical

First introduced in 5.13.0 by Subjugation Tactics Emma, units possessing this ability have a set critical hit chance of 50%. However, there is an additional bonus - whenever units with this skill land a critical hit, they also deal additional damage on top of the 50% damage bonus provided. This caps at 148% when fully invested, meaning that they can deal up to 198% of their normal damage if it lands as one.

Percentage-based Damage

First introduced by Silent Soldier Leona in 5.14.0, units possessing this ability can deal damage based on a proportion of their target(s) maximum health with their special attack. while the skill has a damage cap, it is highly misleading. Units with this skill can still damage enemy units possessing secondary health pool special attacks (e.g Special Padwah) or those with immunity/heal skills, although the latter will still heal from a percentage of the damage inflicted. However, the damage dealt this way is minimal, capping at whatever the value is.

Supporter Dragunov and Hyakutaro have unique variants on the ability in which their attack deals percentage based damage, the former sending out a group of hover units which launch missiles, dealing up to 30.0% of the target's health as damage if they hit, while the latter launches an energy projectile on all enemy units, dealing up to 20.0% of their health as damage. Secondary health pool units remain unaffected by the damage.


Some units have access to evasion via skills, which when triggered prompts the unit to avoid the incoming attack. Evasion is considered as pseudo-invulnerability like those using a counter or stagger. Some units may also have a counter ability when their evasion is triggered. Evasion is overridden by stun attacks. Note that evasion will not trigger on specific frames (i.e attacking) to balance out its usefulness.

Following the 6.0 update, evasion in general was mostly tweaked accordingly for most units as some units were too hard to deal with otherwise. Essentially, most evasion rates were halved for units prior to 6.0.0. Evading units after 6.0.0 have since used the 5.0% and 10.0% base values.

There are four different levels with evasion:

  • 5.0% base, capping at 17.25% - low evasion capability
  • 10.0% base, capping at 34.5% - default evasion rate for units
  • 15.0% base, capping at 51.8% - slightly enhanced evasion capability
  • 20.0% base, capping at 69.0% - enhanced evasion capability

Additionally, there are two types of evasion, although not specifically listed:

  • Normal evasion - this evasion, while still providing evasion as usual, can "break" if too many attacks connect with the unit.
  • Fluid evasion - this evasion provides full evasion frames and does not suffer breakdowns like normal evasion.


Some units have access to counter via skills or as a built-in mechanic, which can be triggered either by evasion or their Resistance is lowered to 0. Units performing a counterattack are temporarily invulnerable, these attacks are typically within melee range, though a few units possess ranged counterattacks.

Some units activate their counter upon being stunned. These effects have a short delay upon being stunned to balance out their usefulness. Various effects can occur, such as recovering health, projectile deleting and/or performing a counterattack.

Stat Strengthening

First introduced in 5.16.0 by Oao-One, units possess an ability to empower themselves as a match continues to drag on. This can fall into one of two categories:

  • Sortie Strengthening - as the unit is sent out more in a match, each subsequent deployment increases their health and attack.
  • Kill Strengthening - as the unit kills enemies in a match, they are empowered in the process, increasing their health and attack. This can fall under any attack kills or kills via special attacks. First introduced by Wepset.


First introduced in 5.15.0 by Mirror Mantis, these units possess stealth capability - the unit is made transparent upon deployment if the respective skill is unlocked. While cloaked, the unit is basically put in a state of invulnerability until the cloaking wears off, after which they are dealt with accordingly as a normal unit.


Like critical attacks, stuns are only unlocked via Skills, and may affect either close range, long range, special or all attacks. Stuns do not add any extra damage, but instead stop the enemy from performing any action if stunned. This also bypasses any evasion capabilities the unit may possess, but will not affect any unit in a Super Armor or Anti-Stun state. Stun damage is typically inflicted as Attribute grenade.png damage, although there are a few exceptions.

All stuns lasts 90 frames upon stunning the enemy target and stunned units take 60% less damage. Most of this reduced damage can be nullified via Armor Break. After these frames expire, stunned unit(s) are given an 8 second immunity frame from future stun attacks and the damage cap lifts. Supporter Allen's primary effect provides stun immunity from 0.8 to 9.0 seconds.

The chance of a unit getting stunned can be decreased by applying Stun status resistance items.

Stun comes in three different levels:

  • 5.0% base, capping at 17.25% - used by LV armors and the normal Rebel paratrooper
  • 10.0% base, capping at 34.5% - typically used by most stun units
  • 20.0% base, capping at 69% - enhanced stun capability


Several units possess stun immunity traits which prevents them from being affected by stuns.

There are two categories for this trait: stun counter, and stun immunity.

Stun counter units are technically not immune to stuns; rather, upon being stunned, they perform a retaliatory action, which varies depending on the unit. For these units, the stun immunity is applied after the stun counter concludes.

Stun immune units are units that are completely immune to stuns, treating them as if they were normal attacks instead.

If the unit possesses the anti-stun icon, they cannot be given Stun Status Resistance items, as it would make their stun counter/immunity pointless. Note that some stun immune units can be given these items, but this is due to them having several form(s) which are susceptible to stun attacks, such as Immortal Allen, whose first and second forms can be stunned, but the third is not.

True Stun

These attacks have a 100% stun rate regardless of the enemy units' stun resistance.

First introduced in 6.20.0 by the Necro Brain Robot.

Load (Special Attack only)

Influences how quickly a unit readies their first special attack, and has no relation with the following specials' recharge time. This stat is counted in frames and is displayed as a negative number - the closer to zero, the shorter the charge period is. Load can be improved by equipping certain Items or skills.

The Regular Army is the only faction to possess a unit that decreases the load of allied units, that unit being Eri.

Damage Barrier

First introduced by Special Perche in 3.14.0, units with these barriers take reduced damage from specific attack types. Metal Slug Attack-style damage and poison bypass this effect. Originally introduced as a one-attribute barrier, it has now been spread to two and three attack types. One and two attack resistance has higher values compared to three attack resistance.

The following resistance setups are available:

  • Attribute pistol.png as standalone - 50.0% base, capping at 99.0%. First introduced by Special Perche.
  • Attribute pistol.png and Attribute grenade.png - 50.0% base, capping at 99.0%. First introduced by Teleko.
  • Attribute grenade.png and Attribute fire.png - 25.5% base, capping at 49.5%. First introduced by Type:Ant-Lion.
  • Attribute grenade.png and Attribute fire.png - 50.0% base, capping at 99.0%. First introduced by Kagura.
  • Attribute pistol.png and Attribute fire.png - 50.0% base, capping at 99.0%. First introduced by Quaith.
  • Attribute pistol.png, Attribute grenade.png and Attribute fire.png - 10.0% base, capping at 34.5%. First introduced by Subjugation Tactics Emma.
  • Attribute pistol.png, Attribute grenade.png and Attribute fire.png - 15.0% base, capping at 51.8%. First introduced by Rock Mole.
  • Attribute pistol.png, Attribute grenade.png and Attribute fire.png - 20.0% base, capping at 69.0%. First introduced by Geweih Metzelei.

Following the 6.0.0 update, most double damage barriers were adjusted to make them easier to handle, as some units with specific barrier setups were nearly impossible to kill if the player lacked the correct attack attribute.

Supporter Marco has a unique variant of the ability in which he applies an all attribute damage barrier that reduces up to an additional 30.0% damage for 9 seconds, although it is not certain how it works with damage barriers.

Damage Nullification

First introduced in 5.2.0 by Subjugation Tactics Loretta, units possessing this skill instead nullify the damage dealt from that specific attribute and instead heal themselves for 20-69% of the damage the attack would have dealt to them. They are still susceptible to other effects (e.g stun) that the attack may have if applicable. This makes those types of attacks unviable for killing them off. While percentage-based damage of the same type as the null type will still inflict damage, it is still capped at whatever amount they are restricted to and will also heal them for most of the damage they would have dealt.

Originally the feature was glitched in that if the unit's health was full, they would still take damage - however, they would begin healing again as usual. The next unit to introduce this, Ai Agate, suffered this flaw the most as she could still be killed by explosive attacks in this case, prompting a cold-fix to take effect several updates later.

Explosive-immunity/heal is the most common of the three, with incendiary being uncommon. Natural kinetic immunity/heal has yet to exist in a unit.

Random Nullification

First introduced in 7.3.0 by Hisui, units with this skill will start off with nullification to one random affinity upon being deployed. The affinity immunity can be changed usually by activating a trigger that will then cause the unit to become immune to another element that hadn't been selected; e.g a unit immune to explosive but causes a trigger to change damage nullification will either go to incendiary or kinetic.

Protective Barrier

First introduced in 6.18.0 by Steel Bodyguard Leona, units possessing this skill will immediately apply a damage-nullifying barrier to one random allied unit upon deployment. The unit targeted by the barrier will have both themselves and their attacks glowing yellow. They cannot apply this status onto themselves for balancing reasons. Due to the randomness of this skill, it is only particularly beneficial early-game where a unit can be protected by the barrier, as late-game matches usually result in the barrier being applied to an irrelevant unit.

While the targeted unit is temporarily invulnerable to all attacks, the barrier automatically shatters if the unit that generated it is killed regardless of how long it has lasted.


Determines how good an attack is at dealing with crowds. Even though attacks can be extravagant and work differently, they are broken down in two types:

  • Single means that the closest enemy will absorb the entirety of a fired projectile, and the latter will not go through the target.
  • Spread means that all enemies within the area of effect will take damage, even behind other units.

Attack type cannot be altered.


Also known as "buffs". A small set of units are capable of applying a buff to all allies within the same faction. This applies so long as they're in the same deck - they need not actually be deployed in battle. Note that Eri of the Regular Army is the only unit to boost special reload speed.

There are three levels of assists for Health and Attack:

  • Reduced - 5.0%, capping at 17.5%
  • Standard - 10.0%, capping at 34.5%
  • Enhanced - 20.0%, capping at 69.0%

There are two levels of assists for movement speed :

  • Standard - 0.1%, capping at 1.08%
  • Enhanced - 0.2%, capping at 2.16%

There is one level of Special Reload speed:

  • Standard - 10 frames, capping at 59

Buffs apply their bonuses to the base value of units; not the total amount including those applied from status strengthening items, skills and item equips. Therefore, units that lack health and attack skills will benefit more from assists.

Using multiple buff units stacks their effects additively. As of 5.11.0, health and attack buffs are capped at 105.0%, speed at 3.3 and special attack reload at +180. This in turn introduced enhanced assist units, who essentially provide an assist that is twice as effective as a standard assist unit.

Attack Health Special
MSD faction Regular Army 24px.png
MSAUnit Midori for Liberty.png
MSAUnit 7000 Class Locomotive.png
MSAUnit Special Howell.png
MSAUnit 7000 Class Locomotive.png
MSAUnit Alice & Heart.png
MSAUnit Biker Spirit Tarma.png
MSD faction Rebel Army 24px.png
MSD faction Ptolemaic Army 24px.png
MSAUnit Zahara.png
MSAUnit Scrambled Egg.png
MSAUnit Pug's Meal.png
MSAUnit Ptolemaios Shadow.png
MSD faction Space Army 24px.png
MSAUnit Mars Wolf.png
MSAUnit Fedeln Metzelei(Awakening).png
MSAUnit King's Cocoon.png
MSD faction Independent 24px.png
MSAUnit King's Egg.png
MSAUnit Amadeus Ship.png

An even smaller selection of units offer buffs to those of the exact same type which stack every time they're deployed onto the battlefield (with no known cap). Examples are Monoeye or the Amadeus Corporal.

Some units, such as Rumi Aikawa or Sisilia, may additionally spawn pickups onto the battlefield, which may be collected by player-controlled friendlies to boost their attack power or to instantly reload their special attacks. Others still, such as Special Navy or the Mars People Healer, can create healing or attack-boosting fields which affect all friendly units moving through them.



First introduced by Awakening Licht in 6.19.0, units with this skill can deal up to 50% more damage when fighting units of the targeted faction. This makes them especially problematic for faction users. This type of buff is currently exclusive to the Space and Independent armies.

A modified variant of the skill is present in most Supporters, applying a permanent debuff to the targeted faction's non-boss units. This debuff is significantly smaller than the original anti-faction skill.

Attack Damage

Units struck by an attack with this debuff decreases the amount damage that they would normally deal. This can turn potentially fatal hits into survivable ones. This debuff is indicated as a fist with a down arrow.

Originally 20.0% attack debuffs were exclusive to the Rebel Army, but have since been added to the Regular and Ptolemaic Armies through the Super Cannon Transport and Screamer respectively. Both the Space and Independent Army lack enhanced attack debuffers.

Currently, 40.0% attack debuffs are exclusive to the Ptolemaic and Rebel armies.

There are three different levels of attack debuff:

  • 10.0% base, capping at 34.5% - default rate
  • 20.0% base, capping at 69% - slightly enhanced version - introduced by Vicky in 3.14.0.
  • 40.0% base, capping at 89% - extreme version - introduced by Lithos in 5.13.0.

Attack Speed

Units struck by an attack with this debuff decreases Attack Speed of their auto-attack; making them attack slower than usual, and can essentially act as a psuedo-movement halter for some units that move and attack on the go. Special attacks and units that deal contact damage (e.g Maya's drill) are unaffected by this debuff. This debuff is indicated as a foot with a down arrow.

There is currently one level of attack speed decrease:

  • 0.3s base, capping at 2.0s - default rate

Armor Break

First introduced in 3.13.0 by Kelly, units struck by an attack with this debuff have their Attribute Resistance to ×, significantly increasing damage taken from all standard attacks if they have any other resistance higher than it. This also includes the Metal Slug Attack support, which results in a one-hit kill if it connects with a unit suffering from armor break. Poison is unaffected as it is percentage-based damage. Recovery does not affect this debuff, as there are no post-immunity effects for it.

Resistance Additional Damage
Increased +87.5%
Normal +50%
Reduced +25%
× No Resistance +0%

There are two different levels of armor break duration:

  • 1.0s base, capping at 4.3s - default rate
  • 2.0s base, capping at 8.5s - enhanced version

The enhanced version is currently exclusive to the Rebel and Space Armies. It was first introduced by Odette Ver.Innocence.


Units struck by an attack with this debuff may prevent them from being able to use their special attack. This does not affect units already performing a special attack if the said unit lacks invulnerability frames. It is most effective against units that rely on special attacks for their i-frames or damage. The chance of a unit getting silenced can be decreased by applying Silence status resistance items.

Silence lasts for 2 seconds. This debuff is indicated with a thought bubble.

There is currently one level of silence:

  • 10.0% base, capping at 34.5% - default rate

After the silence status expires, previously silenced units are given 4 seconds of immunity against future silence attacks. Supporter Allen's primary effect provides a silence immunity from 0.8 to 9.0 seconds when activated.


First introduced in 2.4.0 by Percier, units struck by an attack with this debuff may cause them to be poisoned, dealing damage equal to 2% of their maximum health as damage every second for 8 seconds. This makes it very effective against units with large health pools.

Poison damage is not affected by damage barriers as it is considered to be a different type of attack. Poisoned units have a light purple/green hue and is indicated as a skull icon underneath the unit. The chance of a unit getting poisoned can be decreased by applying Poison status resistance items.

After the poison status expires, previously poisoned units are given 4 seconds of immunity against future poison attacks.

There is currently one level of poison:

  • 10.0% base, capping at 34.5% - default rate.
True Poison

First introduced in 5.16.1 by Perche for Liberty, this poison is not listed as a skill in the unit's skillset, but as a built-in mechanic. It will always poison units that it successfully hits regardless of the number of Poison status resistance items have been applied to them; projectile-based true poison attacks even bypasses the effects of actual wall special attacks like that of the Mini-Bata.

Corruption Poison

First introduced in 6.2.0 by Cocatrix, Corruption poison is a unique type of poison that works like normal poison, but with the ability to spread it onto additional enemy units. The spread effect works much like true poison, ignoring any poison resistance items unpoisoned units may have. This type of poison is particularly effective against large and numerous enemies as it can quickly spread across the enemy's entire army to poison them.

This type of poison is currently exclusive to the Rebel, Space and Independent factions.

Production Prevention

First introduced by Jane Doe in 4.18.0, this debuff causes the unit which possesses this skill to possess production prevention capability, in which the killing blow to a unit dealt by them will "lock" that unit in place, ranging from 3.3-19.6 seconds depending on how invested the skill is. During this time, the unit cannot be sent out by that player until the lock expires, and once it does, the unit's production value is reset as if they were recently deployed. The player who caused the lock will have an interface on the top-left indicating the three most recent units locked, while the locked player will simply have a lock over their unit icon at the deploy area. Locks can be prolonged if multiple copies of the same unit are present but are killed at different times.

The Recovery option does not work against the lockbox, but it will restore the unit's production value as usual. The Invader King's ability will bypass any lock effects that occur during its duration. The Avatar of Evil's ability takes priority over lock, which can mean a well-timed lock can last up to 31 seconds.

Supporter Scotia also provides this effect, although with a significantly smaller time frame of anywhere from 2.5 to 7.4 seconds when activated and does not reset production values; they're simply halted until her effect expires.

Eligible Modes Ineligible Modes
Rank Match
Battle and Team Battle
P.O.W. Rescue
AI battles (Laboratory)
United Front Custom Battles
All other Extra Ops modes
Affected Units Unaffected Units
Normal units Most with multiple forms
Summoned units
Units with suicide attacks
Stationary units

The Rebel Army usually boasts the best production lock units.

Attack Sapping

First introduced in 5.21.0 by Grace, units struck by this type of attack will permanently have their attack lowered by 30%. This stacks with the Curse debuff.

This is currently an Independent-exclusive debuff.


First introduced in 6.7.0 by Ido, units struck by this type of attack will have a glowing red sphere appear when it activates. Units affected by Curse permanently have their health lowered by 20% and attack reduced by 50%. This can stack with attack sapping.

This is currently an Independent-exclusive debuff.

Forced Displacement

First introduced in 7.5.0 by Malkuth, units struck by an attack with this capability have a chance of being forced back to base. Up to a set amount of units can be affected by this debuff.


Custom Spawning

Some units possess the ability to alter their sortie position upon being deployed, either as part of a skill or as a built-in feature for the unit. Units possessing this feature as a skill also increases the strength of their attacks, typically their close range one.

There are three different types of custom spawns available:

  • Frontline Production - Unit spawns at the nearest enemy unit in range, regardless of map size.
  • Halfway Production - Unit will spawn at the nearest enemy unit in range, capped at half of the map's maximum distance.
  • Tap-to-deploy - Unit can be deployed usually anywhere on the map. The unit needs to be clicked on in the deploy area and then the player must click on a desired location on the screen for the unit to appear there. These units disappear after finishing their attacks if not killed.

Life Siphoning

Some units possess the ability to take enemy units' health and transfer it to themselves, increasing their overall health. They can take up to three units' health this way and it is most effective against units with large health pools.

First introduced in 7.1.0 by Red Lotus Sally.

Status Strengthening

Main article: Status Strengthening Items

Ultimate Skill

Main article: Ultimate Mission


  • Prior to 6.0.0, buffs and debuffs were particularly powerful; after 6.0.0, many of these were slashed across the board for balancing reasons. However, there are still some units possessing these old features:
    • Units that reduced damage from two attack styles started at 50.0% base; capped out, this meant these units would have 99.0% damage resistance to those styles, making them near impossible to kill if the player lacked the correct attack type. Currently, unit with this feature start at 25.5%, capping at 50.0%. No unit introduced after 6.0.0 has been given these bases.
    • Some evaders were given 15.0% and 20.0% evasion base values, which capped at 51.8% and 69.0% respectively. These were reduced to 26.2% and 34.5% to make them easier to hit. No unit introduced after 6.0.0 has been given these bases.
    • Stun, silence and poison did not have cooldowns once the status was applied. Poison worked significantly different before 6.0.0:
      • A lack of stun cooldown meant that units with stun counters were essentially invincible as they would continually trigger their stun counter, which often had hefty invulnerability frames to it.
      • Poison would reapply if the unit's hit damaged the poisoned unit again, which would also reset the poison timer. Large units (and eventually those with i-frame walls) would be killed in seconds when subjected to these attacks.
    • Some units possessed the ability to "fake wall" with their attacks, which would prevent enemies from advancing until the attack concluded. Most of these were removed.
    • Most custom spawn units defaulted to in front of the nearest enemy unit upon being deployed. After the 6.0.0 adjustments, most of the cheaper double-digit units (e.g 10000000taro) were readjusted to deploy at the middle of the map instead. More expensive units (e.g Amadeus Robot+) were unaffected by the change.

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