United Front the 14th is the hundred and thirtieth Extra Ops in Metal Slug Attack.


At the Ptolemaic Army base, Owen speaks with a Special Forces officer and assigns him the role of piloting their new golden Union segment. Since anything golden ends up being targeted by everything, the Union segment has been given additional armor, but should still exercise caution while using it. The officer asks why he has been chosen, as he's just a low ranking petty officer. Owen tells him that's the reason why he's piloting it, and reminds him that he cannot give up the seat under any circumstances.

On the day of the operation, the Veronica gives the officer a quick run-down on how to drive the Union (as she had done so before). When Veronica asks the officer if she could ride along, Dragunov stops her, as she knows that Veronica intended to pilot the machine. The two then argue and fight, while the nervous officer asks if he can leave.

The Rebel Army, having caught wind of a new golden unit, set out to stop the Ptolemaic Army. Growth & Cline arrive on the scene, terrifying the other soldiers as they are notorious for friendly-fire incidents. Cline is annoyed that their allies are calling them monsters, while Growth seemingly says nothing. Cline reassures Growth that she isn't a monster, and that they can't leave until the operation is done. Cline also points out to Growth that she saw how she eyed the items in the United Front shop and that they will give it their all for this operation.

Owen calls for a retreat as the battle escalates. As the Rebel Army inspect the battlefield, Growth and Cline have defeated many enemies; two soldiers make comment on this, with one fearful as he believes they are looking for their next prey. The pair seem to have developed a crush on the Ptolemaics - Cline likes Damian's mysteriousness, while Growth likes Owen's alluring tolerance. As they go off to spend the coins, Cline tells Growth that they can only afford one avatar icon, as she spent most of them getting a tank for her. The two soldiers watching the pair flee, believing that they are their next prey.

At the Ptolemaic base, Owen tells Dragunov he felt as if someone had eyes on him. Dragunov states that it isn't unusual since he is a good leader, but Owen states that they felt like paparazzi, which made him uncomfortable; Dragunov teases him over it. In another section, Damian asks Achetto what she is doing. As he looks at her report, he realizes that she is going to report him as he disobeyed orders, though he defends himself by stating that he had a reason to do so.



Introduced Units

Unit Rarity Available?
MSA rarity Super Rare No
MSA rarity Super Rare No
MSA rarity Rare No
MSA rarity Rare No

Expert Units

Unit Coins Bonus (lowest to highest)
Silver - 60%
Gold - 120%
Platinum - 200%
Bronze - 30%
Silver - 45%
Gold - 60%
Platinum - 75%
Bronze - 15%
Silver - 20%
Gold - 25%
Platinum - 30%
Silver - 10%
Gold - 15%
Platinum - 20%
Bronze - 6%
Silver - 9%
Gold - 12%
Platinum - 15%
Iron - 2%
Copper - 3%
Silver - 4%
Gold - 5%
Platinum - 6%



Difficulty Enemies Sorties Needed Coins Gained
Very Easy 10 MSA currency Sortie Points small compressed 100 MSA currency United Coins
Normal 20 MSA currency Sortie Points small compressed 220 MSA currency United Coins
Very Hard 30 MSA currency Sortie Points small compressed 360 MSA currency United Coins


Difficulty Enemies Sorties Needed Coins Gained
Easy 20 MSA currency Sortie Points small compressed 200 MSA currency United Coins
Hard 40 MSA currency Sortie Points small compressed 440 MSA currency United Coins
Hell 80 MSA currency Sortie Points small compressed 960 MSA currency United Coins


Difficulty Enemies Sorties Needed Coins Gained
N/A Varies (other player's Deck 1) 50 MSA currency Sortie Points small compressed 650 MSA currency United Coins
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